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Zyrexin Male Enhancement Reviews – Is It Really Worth Spending Heavy Amounts on Zyrexin?

by Jocalyn Clark 1970-01-01

Using phrases like “America’s #1 rated”, “best male suppleMENt on earth”, this product got more recognition through fancy ads made by manufacturers rather than the mouth publicity.

Offering strong, long and powerful erections immediately after using; this one is slowly getting popular in the male enhancement segment. Its effectiveness, easy to use nature is one of the most important reasons for the sudden increase in its popularity.

Promoted as a product that can be used by any healthy male this product is getting due recognition in the male enhancement category. The glossy ads made their mark in the minds of males and attracting so many males to try this supplement. Frankly these colorful ads are forcing men to try this supplement. Finally as long as it works, it is a fair game.

The company is offering 100% money back guarantee for those who didn’t like the product for any reason. Claiming it as Iron Clad Guarantee, the manufacturer is using this to promote this product.

In most of the cases, this product worked as advertised but the results got waved off within three to four hours.

Even the side effects list of this product is never ending.

Similar to all other natural male supplements this one also has a long list of ingredients. Here is the list of ingredients and the claims as per the company.

Bueta Superba: Manufacturers are touting this as a main ingredient. This is a plant native to Thailand and it is being used by Thai males to increase sexual vigor. Even researches proved its aphrodisiac nature and started using it in rejuvenation research also.

L-Arginine: Commonly seen in all the male enhancing products as it improves the levels of nitric oxide which increases the blood flow to the penis thereby resulting in strong, long and effective erections.

Horny Goat Weed: This is also commonly seen in male enhancing products and claims include increased sexual arousal and long lasting sex effects. Medically popular as Epimedium, this one will have significant effect on mind also.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa: People believe that this helps in maintaining strong, long and powerful erections. Promoted as a natural drug for ED treatment, scientists are still in the process of studying its effects.

Yohimbe Extract: This one can be a cause of concern. It is being used to treat male erection problems from long back. However, recent studies proved that this can become fatal if it is taken in excessive quantities.

However, after simple research anyone can easily understand that these are the items that are being used in almost all the male enhancing products.

In the official website, which looks somewhat professional has the details of the manufacturers. Superbalife International, originally belongs to USA, is manufacturing this product and the manufactures area claiming that this product is available in more than 48000 locations in USA alone. Assuring increase in vigor after using this product, the company is also promising constant increase in quality of herbal products in the near future.

Zyrexin Pills Reviews

Zyrexin has a long history in the male enhancement category and most of the reviews about this product are positive. Take a glance at the experiences of some users to understand this product better.

Zyrexin Pills ReviewsZyrexin Pills Reviews

Above are some of the positive reviews from the customers.
Zyrexin Pills Reviews

Some users who had negative experiences.

Buy Zyrexin Pills Online

It is better to buy Zyrexin pills directly from the official website which is offering a pack consisting of 10 tablets for $ 29.95. It is offering huge discounts for those who want to buy this product in bulk. But it is better to go for the basic pack first and if the product suits you, opt for bulk order to save money.

Zyrexin Pills Reviews

One can even buy this product from trusted retailers in online stores like eBay or amazon and some retailers are offering this product at cheaper price when compared to the manufacturer.

Zyrexin Pills Reviews

How to Use Zyrexin

Zyrexin Male Enhancement

Zyrexin Tablets

Zyrexin starts its action within 30-40 minutes after usage. So, it is better to take this pill at least forty five minutes before the intimate activity. The first thing you observe after using this product is strong erection and your mind will look for partner. If all goes well, you can experience one of the best intercourses of your life with in three to four hours. The results will go away quickly tough it is promoted as a natural supplement which will work for 24 hours.

You must drink lot of water after taking this pill to start the action immediately. The maximum dose allowed is 2 tablets with in a span of 48 hours. As the company specifies you can use up to two tablets in a serving and in most of the cases, one pill is more than sufficient to get quick and effective results.

Patients who are suffering from blood pressure related problems, diabetes, heart related problems should not use this product. If you are using other prescribed medication for other disorders you should consult your doctor before using this product. Even if it sounds like regular caution; don’t mix this supplement with any other male enhancing supplement i.e. if you want to use this supplement, stop the supplement you are already using (if any).

Side Effects of Zyrexin

Most of the users responded positively on the usage of Zyrexin. The only concern for them is effective results will fade away too quickly when compared to others.

The usage of Yohimbe resulted in several side effects in most of the cases. High blood pressure, increased heart rate, irregular beating are some of the common side effects that are caused by Yohimbe. If the dosage exceeds certain prescribed limit, even heart attack can also occur.

Apart from these, other side effects which are not life threatening includes irritation and nausea, vomiting sensation, burning sensation in stomach etc.

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Overall Score
The positive aspects include its ease to use nature and availability, natural supplement, positive reviews, reputed manufacturer with years of experience etc. It lost some score because it doesn’t suit for all men, side effects (Yohimbe use), lack of long term gains, expensive etc. Coming to rating, this product easily scores 2.5 on a rating of five.
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    September 29, 2015 at 8:07 pm — Reply

    I took one pill and immediately felt jumpy and head is acting funny. i took it 1 hr before and could not get an erection from all the craziness going on with my body. the moment i took it i thought i should not have. Dont do this to yourself. i will trash the rest

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