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by Luiz Antonio Martins 2017-12-19
Read Summary was a former internet based store that distributed and sold pharmaceuticals and remedies to treat alcoholism, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antibiotics, asthma, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, muscle relaxants, men and women’s health and many more known ailments and diseases. The online pharmacy mainly advertised medications for erectile dysfunction, impotence and premature ejaculation for men. All products sold by were generic.

Placing an order for their products was quick and easy. Customers only needed to go to the product and click “Buy Now”, and then enter the necessary details. All purchases were done through the website and the online pharmacy did not cater orders via phone or email. The online pharmacy accepted payments only through credit cards. ensured customers of the security and privacy policies for the safety of the customer’s credit card and account information. also required a doctor’s prescription on prescription medications and is stringent with the process of approving and releasing the medications. shipped products to almost all countries in the world except for some countries within the Asian continent. Shipments were packed inside a discreet package to ensure the privacy of the customers. Procedures and releasing of the products took 1 to 2 days and the customer expected the delivery in less than 21 days or depending on courier delays. If the package was damaged or missing, the online pharmacy instructs their customer to call the hotline to process a refund or reshipping of the products. Customers contacted the online pharmacy via toll-free numbers and email within the website.

The online pharmacy gained plenty of reviews and feedback from customers and third-party review sites. Analysis platforms stated that the site was safe and without customer complaints. As for trustworthiness and reliability, the shop’s reviews spoke for the quality of service offered by the store—good reviews indicated that True Tablets served its consumers excellently. It is such a waste that this store’s now closed. Reviews

There were many reviews submitted online for on several forums and review sites and within the testimonials page of the website itself. We can see a throng of positive reviews for True Tablets including the following: Reviews

One customer, David, said he received his order within a week and commended the online pharmacy for the quality of the products. Several other customers left positive reviews about the speedy processing and deliveries of their ordered medications. Feedback

Other customers thank the online pharmacy for the quality of the products and for the excellent customer support. Customers were very generous with their words of praise for the online pharmacy. One customer said that he will give the highest recommendations to his friends and colleagues. Testimonial Customer Report

Looking around we have also found a few more external reviews written for Trusted Tablets, and from impressed customers. Reviews for Trusted Tablets were not perfect, but overall, buyers received what they paid for and in good condition: Customer Experience

Darrell said he is satisfied and happy with the online pharmacy and the deals and transactions are very smooth. He was glad that as soon as his order was confirmed, Trusted Tablets shipped his order (within a day). He stated that Trusted Tablets was a “legit” website.

Jim and George had brief comments for the shop—both of them gave the store 4 out of 5 stars and mentioned that the website was “great” and “excellent”. Needless to say, these customers were pleased with their overall experience with the shop. Reviews 2014

Since the store has recently closed down, the shop had fewer reviews for the present year compared to its flurry of reviews from the past years. Still, buyers were happy with their online purchases from True Tablets, like the repeat buyer, Dennis K., who posted his review on a third-party web platform: Customer Experience 2014

According to him he ordered from True Tablets on two occasions and on both times he was able to receive his order and within the advertised shipping time frame. He thanked the store for even including a “first-time buyer” freebie along his first purchase. He rated the store 4 out of 5 stars. Coupon Codes offered 5% discount for the holiday season. Coupon Codes

Besides the discount, the shop gave first-time order discounts and free shipping for a certain purchase amount.

Editor's Rating

Overall has garnered good reviews from customers over the years, indicating a general liking of the buyers to Trusted Tablets’ service. This store, though, has now moved to a new domain so that buyers can continue to relish the excellent service offered by the store. Taking into account the good reviews, low prices, and the reasonable shipping rates, I am rating the shop 5 out of 5. Visit the shop’s new website should you have a need for cheap generic alternatives for your brand medicines.
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