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by Luiz Antonio Martins 1970-01-01

Synergi is an erectile dysfunction treatment that is made up of a combination of pills. The two pills are a generic Sildenafil, also known as Viagra, and the other is a generic Dapoxetine, also known as Prilligy. These two medications are mixed and matched to find the best combination treatment for erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. The website claims that by mixing and matching dosages you can find the best match for your needs.

There is very little information about how these two medications really work together, or whether or not they really work.

Another odd thing about Synergi is that it seems to be the only type of combination that mixes these two medications. Prilligy was under trials for treating PE in 2005, and was not approved by the FDA; as such it makes this combination more questionable.

Company Information

The company who produces Synergi is HAB pharmaceuticals. They are an India based entity that produces a variety of products. According to their website under Products, Synergi is not listed. This could mean that this is a knock off drug that is not actually produced by this company. The company itself has very little information outside its company website; this usually means that the company has not done much to be recognized, but also has not gained the ire of disgruntled customers.

This company doesn’t have any in-depth reviews. I did find several single word reviews on, but they are all exactly the same, under different user names, which invalidates them as real reviews. Most likely they are from a company representative, or someone paid to post ratings.

Synergi Reviews

There are no reviews from customers about how Synergi works, or if it has even been purchased by anyone. This does not bode well for the medication combination, as I have been unable to find any specifics on whether or not this is a real product, or if it is a knock off. In the absence of any reviews whatsoever, we are left with just the information from the sales site. We have already verified that the manufacturer is not correct, so the rest of the information on the website may be incorrect as well.

Buy Synergi Online

The dosage of each pill is unknown, as the sales site does not list the milligram dosage. It is an on demand medication, which means that there is not a specific amount of pills required per day. As for cost we do know that they are sold for:

  • 18 pack for $50.00
  • 30 pack for $79.00
  • 48 pack for $107.00
  • 72 pack for $145.00
  • 90 pack for $183.00
  • 120 pack for $240.00

This does not reflect the combination packages, as there is no information about how many pills of each type is in the packs. This can cause some confusion, as you are supposed to mix and match dosage to find the best results for you.

Synergi is an easy medication to find online, as many online pharmacies offer it for sale. The cost per pill is $2.78. It is slightly cheaper than other erectile dysfunction treatments.

How to Use

The sales site states that you can take the dosage from four hours up to 30 minutes before intercourse. The site does not include any details of how many of each medication to take, and there is no information on how to get the best results. This makes it difficult to make any reasonable comparisons to other medications, as you will not know the dosages, or the amounts of each medication to achieve good results. I would be careful with this medication and use sparingly as there is no clear direction on how it is supposed to be used.

There seems to be a risk of an overdose as well, but without clear directions to use, this could be a real danger. When a medication does not give specific direction on how to use it, then there is a risk to your health, in this case it is overdose that you must worry about.

Side Effects

There is quite a list of side effects that come with the combination because it is made of two separate medications. Let launch into the list:

  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches, and muscle soreness
  • Tingling limbs
  • Numbness in your extremities
  • Blurring of your vision
  • Vomiting
  • Gastrointestinal Problems

These are the common symptoms. Each individual medication also has a list of side effects that goes on for quite a while. The side effects seem to be more prominent because you are combining medications, which can cause a doubling of the side effects. This is another reason to be wary with taking this particular medication.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
To conclude this review let’s recap. We know that this is a combination medication that comes with a generic version of Viagra, and generic version of Prilligy. These two medications together are meant to treat erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. The manufacturer of this medication is not well known, and may not have even created this medication as their website does not even show it as part of their product line up. This makes this medication suspect to not be a real cure. The other part of this is the fact that there is no information about Synergi from any sources other than the sales page from which it came from. Based on the directions and the sales information, we do not know how the dosage works, or even how to take the combination of pills. We are left with the direction to mix and match to find the best solution, however in the side effect section we find that there is a significant risk of overdose. This is a dangerous thought, as without proper directions of use, you could easily overdose. I believe that this medication is dangerous, and not a legitimate purchase. I give this medication 1 star just because the purchase just seems dangerous and without proper direction it is dangerous. If you do choose to purchase this medication combination, be sure to be very careful with dosage.
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