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by Luiz Antonio Martins 2017-09-25
Read Summary, I am guessing, is showcasing a flagship product, Tramadol, a pain relief/pain management medication. The store is a simple, condensed shop with a succinct list of products (it only had two categories, pain relief medications, and men’s health medications). It is nice enough that the store Super Tramadol has adequate information on one of its section; according to, it was incepted in 2009 as a “fulfillment center” for a number of online pharmacies. Super Tramadol has three companies managing the site and the companies are located in India (two companies) and Singapore (one). claims that it is a licensed pharmacy and is linked to over 40 online pharmacies (this information got me confused, though).

According to, it has over 3000 products listed on the store. I checked the meds to confirm and based on the product listings on the store, Super Tramadol only had 36 products for pain management and only 6 products for erectile dysfunction treatment. I have no idea why the store went on to tell the buyers that it has thousands of products available while in truth, the store did not even have as much as 50 choices for the products. Since the meds accessible on are only for pain relief and for impotence treatment, the featured products on Super Tramadol belonged to these clinical categories. According to the store, its bestsellers are Etizolam, Tramadol, Tremash, Generic Nucynta, and several other products. The meds on Super Tramadol are eligible for purchase even by clients without prescriptions. As far as I know, though, pain relief products are considered controlled substances and it is illegal to dispense any prescription medication without a prescription from the doctors.

Since the meds available on are generic, the shop’s prices for its items are considerably low. Concerning erectile dysfunction products, the only ones available are Cenforce 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg (generic Viagra), Vidalista 10 mg (generic Cialis), Tastylia (Tadalafil oral strips), and Vilitra (generic Levitra) 40 mg. Cenforce 100 mg from Centurion Laboratories in India is sold by the store for at least 90 pills and the 90-pill pack costs $85.50. Vidalista 10 mg from the same manufacturer, on the other hand, is sold for at least $66.75 and for a pack of 90 pills.

The shipping fee charged by the store for the regular delivery option is unavailable, and the shop did not have any information on the shipping rates. If I need to order my products from Super Tramadol, I should register an account, as the shop only allows orders for consumers with accounts. Super Tramadol provides a “cash back” guarantee for the buyers and the shop can also reship a fresh batch of products for clients who received the wrong orders, did not receive their orders or received broken orders.

Payments accepted by are those from credit cards. Super Tramadol did not say which credit cards are accepted on the shop.

For inquiries, the store has its live chat support.
Based on my experience, the customer assistant was helpful and friendly and was able to answer all my inquiries. Reviews

The shop Super Tramadol did not have its reviews—I searched the web for comment trails for the shop, but the store simply did not have web mentions on forum website members. did not also have exposures on review websites despite its claim of an almost 10-year online run. There must be something wrong with the store’s marketing strategies and the shop may be a less popular online store. In any case, any store without client reviews is always dangerous, as non-reviewed stores are, most often than not, linked to scam activities. Reviews 2017

Present comments for were also nonexistent, and because I was out of luck in searching buyer comments for Super Tramadol at online review platforms, I tried using Scam Adviser and Legit Script to check on the domain of I hoped to have a good comment for on Legit Script, but the web platform detected something fishy going on in Super Tramadol.

The shop was given a “rogue internet pharmacy” status, which is the poorest rating Legit Script can confer to any online store.

Scam Adviser also detected problems for the domain and the store was given an overall low trust rating.

The score bestowed on the Super Tramadol shop was 7% out of 100% and the shop was identified to have links to a high number of suspicious websites. The store did not have a decade-long age but was only identified to have an age of 4+ years. Coupon Codes offers free shipping to clients with orders over $300 and the store also has a code FREE100 for free pills and free express shipping.

The coupon code was not advertised in the shop, but the customer representative gave the code during our chat session.
The coupon offer is too good to be true; according to the support, I can order anything on the store and use the coupon for 100 free pills and free express shipping, and with no minimum order. It’s crazy that the shop is almost giving away its products—that’s why I am wary of this offer, mainly because there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score is a store which offers products under two medical categories alone. The buyers can only find pain relief products and male impotence meds on this shop, which are very limiting for some. Although the prices of the meds on Super Tramadol are low, the initial/minimum order quantity is 90 pills per order. The store does not ask for prescriptions, which is scary, and the store also did not have buyer reviews from trusted platforms, which makes the credibility of this shop null. I believe this store deserves a mere 2 out of 5 score.
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