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Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills Reviews – Not Enough Evidence to Pass As Safe

by Luiz Antonio Martins 1970-01-01

You are looking for an herbal remedy for male enhancement. You are not alone considering right now there are thousands of men doing the same thing you are right at this moment. Since there is such a high demand for male enhancement products, many companies from foreign countries offer various herbal remedies in various price ranges.

The problem is, some of these manufacturers are not much regulated which means the product could be hazardous to your health.

It’s not saying that all remedies from these manufacturers are bad; it’s just for you to be cautious. If at any time when you take an herbal remedy something doesn’t feel right, don’t take it a second time.

Super Hard Male Enhancement is an herbal remedy for male enhancement. When you take this your testosterone will increase, your penis will become thick and hard, it will stop premature ejaculation, increase your desire to have sex and have you feeling energized.

The ingredients in Super Hard Male Enhancement pills are fresh and healthy yak testicles, tibetan mastiff testicles, wild ass of testicular, seal penis, bullwhip, sheep whip, tianshan snow lotus, cordyceps sinensis and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. There is no further information on what those traditional Chinese herbs are.

This product contains many different kinds of testicles. They are full protein and other nutrients. Many cultures eat these as a delicacy – they are also used as an aphrodisiac. There is some evidence that eating testicles increases testosterone but they have to be consumed raw for the best effect. Some Asian cultures believe that eating the testicles of animals gives you the “essence” of the animal. The essence will make you feel strong and virile. There is no information on what sheep whip and bullwhip are. Searches on the internet for sheep whip come up with whipworm which is similar to the worms dogs have and bullwhip just brings up other male enhancement products. So these products are either mislabeled or deemed as a secret.

There are two other ingredients however which are researchable. Let’s take look at those.

  • Cordyceps sinensis is a common herb in various male enhancement products. It is a fungus that grows on caterpillars and is used to promote healthy kidney function and fatigue.
  • The tianshan snow lotus is used as an aphrodisiac and to treat impotence.

On January 15, 2014 there was a consumer warning issued for Super Hard from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration because the active ingredient of Viagra, Sildenafil was present in Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills. This can pose a serious risk to your health and safety. Sildenafil is a prescription only substance and it is illegal to have this product. There has been no information indicating the formula for Super Hard has been changed.

Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills Reviews

There are several reviews stating this product worked.

Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills Reviews

On reviewer said Super Hard was better than Cialis or Viagra. He is a 45 year old man and is very satisfied with the results from this product.
Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills Reviews

There are other men who say the same thing that Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills really work and they experienced no side effects.

From what is shown above, it does seem that many reviews say the same thing – Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills works well. However the effects could be as a result of the active ingredient Sildenafil – known substance to treat erectile dysfunction as is found in Viagra.

Buy Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills Online

Super Hard Male Enhancement is easily found online as there are many online retailers that sell this drug. It will cost you on average of $4-7 for a box of 6 pills. Each pill has 3800 mg of herbal blend in them.

Buy Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills Online

Keep in mind that customs may seize and destroy this product.

How to Use Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills

Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills

Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills

You are to take one pill with warm water a half hour before sexual activity. There is no information on how fast this products works or how long you need to take it before you notice any differences.

Side Effects

This product contains Sildenafil which has side effects. Some are not serious such as headache, stuffy nose and upset stomach. There are side effects which require immediate medical attention and they are sudden loss or blurry vision, chest pain, trouble breathing and ringing in your ears.

If your erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should see a doctor because you can damage your penis. If you plan on taking on this supplement it is in your best interest to talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if this supplement will interact with the medicines you are taking or interactions with other herbal remedies. Always be sure to tell your doctor when you start taking this supplement.

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With lack of ingredient information, lack of company information and the addition of Sildenafil, Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills is a not a good herbal remedy. Of course, this product has good reviews that it works because Sildenafil works. It is another "herbal remedy" that has prescription substances in it so it would work. This product is a scam is not recommended to waste your money on. The rating for Super Hard Male Enhancement Pills is 0.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Save your money and try something different.
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    August 11, 2015 at 4:27 am — Reply

    I am a 53 years old. And I am a diabetic (2), I started with slight case of ED which I felt was getting worse. I run 10 miles a week and lift weights eat pretty healthy, but worked long hours 6 to 7 days a week. I did have a back injury a couple of years ago which my doctor said I needed surgery for pinched nerves. I chose to strengthen my core which has helped a great deal. My doctor said I may I ED problems due to my back problems. So started with the Super Hard products instead of Viagra which my doctor put me on. This product is amazing. My wife is totally blown away. I take 1 pill which will have a Huge effect on my penis, which I don’t have to take another pill for a week. Everyone’s different on how it may work on you. But I ordered these from China 60 dollars for 120 pills. The price does change a lot on line, but been taking them for the past 6 months and these are amazing. Only thing side effect that I had for the first few times I took it was a slight headache after sex the next day. But know I don’t get them. Just had blood work and other test from my doctor. Everything came back great. So taking 1 pill every 1 to 2 weeks have been perfect for me and my wife.

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    Angel Luis Perez Garcia
    March 13, 2016 at 12:24 pm — Reply

    cuantas pildoras por $7500?

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