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Stiff Nights Supplement Reviews – Makes You Stiff As Wood

by Luiz Antonio Martins 1970-01-01

The power of yi ye cao is what gives Stiff Nights its most powerful strength. Yi ye cao is an all natural Chinese herb that is known to stimulate male ejaculation. It is available in pill form, as a tea, and also as a powder. The form used in Stiff Nights capsules, as one could imagine, is the powdered form.

Other potent herbs contained in Stiff Nights include Huang Jing, Tongkat Ali, Rou Gui, Turnera Aphrodisiac, Ginkgo, While Willow Bark, Dandelion Leaf and Alfalfa, among others.

Huang Jing – also known as Solomon’s seal – is a natural herb that grows in China and is harvested in the autumn.

It has many benefits but the most important one for Stiff Nights is its ability to tonify the kidneys.

The kidneys are situated in a place in the body that they can cause debilitating lower back pain if they are not tonified. Back pain, as any viral male can tell you, is the curse of one’s sex life. With extreme back pain, no position is comfortable. And without comfort, a male can hardly be expected to satisfy his partner in the bedroom.

Rou Gui is also known in Western circles as dried cinnamon bark. One of the most striking characteristics of rou gui is its ability to cure impotence and increase the flow of blood. Nothing is more important in retaining an erect male sex organ than a continuous flow of fresh blood. It also prevents cold limbs (no one appreciates being touched by their partner with freezing cold hands) and bestows strength to a weak back.

Manufacturer Reviews

Amazing Trade Co. Ltd is a very successful business. They specialize in the manufacturing and trading of a wide variety of products, from diet pills to sex pills. It is a very professional outfit, with widespread communication between a number of different offices in order to shorten shipping times and give their customers quick and accurate deliveries. Their company mottos is, “We treat client as friends and make harmonious communication.”

Amazing Trade Co, Ltd employs 5 to 50 people and earns a handsome $5 – $10 million annually. The manager of Amazing Trade Co. Ltd is Ms. Alina and is the company’s main point of contact.

Stiff Nights Supplement Reviews

Customer reviews for Stiff Nights haven’t exactly contradicted all the claims that Amazing Trade Co. Ltd has made. It just seems that most aspects of the pills fail to live up to their described potential:

Stiff Nights Supplement ReviewsStiff Nights Supplement Reviews

Every review found of Stiff Nights claims the same thing: the one and only thing that Stiff Nights accomplishes is increased blood flow to the penis. And that’s all. End of story. The tales of increased sexual arousal are not present in any of the online customer reviews. Customers say it doesn’t make them feel sensual or romantic. The only thing Stiff Nights accomplishes, apparently, is to make the penis hard. If that is all one is looking for, and one is prepared to bring everything else to the lovemaking session, then it is a great product. But if one is expecting any other benefit, then all the customer reviewers claim the same thing: if the only effect one is looking for is an erect penis, one will be very pleased. If one is looking and expecting some of the other claims that are made by Amazing Trade Co, Ltd, they – at least according to the manufacturer’s list of additional benefits, one will be very disappointed.

There seems to be a pervasive feeling among consumers that while their member is erect, it has nothing to do with sexual intercourse or sexual arousal. It is merely an erect penis between your legs. As one of the video reviewers above says, “Yeah, I’ve got wood…now, what’s for lunch?”

Buy Stiff Nights Online

The easiest way to buy Stiff Nights online is by going to For about $2, Amazing Trade Co. Ltd will send you 1 pill. It is also widely available in sex shops nationwide. Buying it in a shop will usually increase the price. For bulk orders, however, try The minimum number of packages available for purchase on this site is 50, so make sure to get a “sample” pill first to see how your body reacts to it. You can get it on other retail sites for $16.34 – 48 capsules per box.

Buy Stiff Nights Online

How to Use

Stiff Nights Supplement

Stiff Nights Supplement

Males should ingest one of Stiff Nights’ red tablets roughly 30 minutes prior to his lovemaking session. Unlike many other erectile dysfunction medications, one tablet of Stiff Nights can be taken as a daily supplement, much like a multivitamin. If one wants it to gain the best and most satisfying outcome, one should ingest Stiff Nights on an empty stomach. It will be absorbed into one’s systems faster.

Stiff Nights does exactly what its name implies: one’s libido will noticeably increase. The male’s erection will grow stiffer, thicker, and harder. What man doesn’t dream of that? And as if those positive side effects were not enough, Stiff Nights also promises to last up to 72 hours and increase energy and stamina in bed while experiencing better and more intense orgasms. With these new found romantic abilities at a male’s disposal, self confidence will no doubt increase as well.

And while Stiff Nights will provide its consumers with a number of potent aphrodisiacs and organ sensitivity, it is still vital that the male has a bedroom partner to provide physical stimulation. After all, true physical attraction is the greatest aphrodisiac in nature.

Side Effects

5% of the population will experience mild to severe headaches after taking 1 pill. Aside from that, there are no other known negative side effects of Stiff Nights.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score
All consumer reviews claim that the only benefit Stiff Nights offers is gaining an erect penis. All other claims regarding its aphrodisiac qualities and it being a curative for diminished sexual arousal seem to be false. But still, Stiff Nights is a safe supplement that all consumers can agree on: they get wood. The manufacturer is well reviewed and sufficient amount of information about them is available online. We give it a rating of 2 stars out of 5.
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    Ahh duh guys? Smdh, what do you think the purpose of the product is? It obviously is to make you harder when youre excited. Lmao, its not going to make you horny, youve got to accomplish that on your own fellas. Products works amazing, i take a half of one if ive had a long long day and know the wife wants sex. That way im not going at it half asleep and half hard. Serious boost without any effort. 1 to 10 def a 10.

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