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by Luiz Antonio Martins 2017-09-25
Read Summary is a large online source of generic medicines priced at 80% down than in local pharmacies. There are many online pharmacies capable of providing me with trustworthy and effective generics at very considerable prices. This e-shop is particularly interesting because it will match pricing meds from any other pharmacy. This is how sure SafeMeds4All is about their low prices in the market.

SafeMeds4All is a licensed pharmacy working only with trained professionals to ensure an optimal quality when handling costumers’ orders. This pharmacy is sourcing meds either from India or Canada.

I can find a wide variety of meds on, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter meds. SafeMeds4All divides all available meds into categories such as acne treatment, weight loss, pain reliever, birth control, smoking cessation, skin care, and much more. According to the Indian laws, SafeMeds4All is not required to see a prescription for any purchases. Whilst convenient, I always like to verify with my doctor first before purchasing any drug.

This Ontario-based pharmacy can provide me with generic Viagra at $1.19/pill and generic Levitra at a cost of $0.96 per tablet. The company accepts Visa and e-checks as forms of payment. is capable of worldwide shipping free of charge. I can expect to have my meds within 7-15 business days with Free Express Mail delivery.

The store guarantees a full refund if I’m not satisfied with my meds and does not spare professional courtesy. SafeMeds4All will even reimburse me the cost of returning the items.

If I need to reach out the company, I can do so by writing an email to customer service, or by giving them a call. The only thing missing seems to be the real-time customer support via live chat. Reviews

I was quite pleased to see that is a prominent pharmacy. Finding reviews isn’t entirely difficult and the store has a quite good reputation among bloggers who gauged Safe Meds 4all performance. Let’s see what users back in 2014 had to say about SafeMeds4all professionalism:

Allison Lansdowne is thanking the SafeMeds4all team for her “pleasant” shopping experience. Allison writes how “ordering was easy” and the prices were “very reasonable”, being particularly happy with the ability to track her package and the “fast shipping”. Allison mentions she will definitely repeat the purchase.

Lamar Evans also enjoys Safe Meds 4 All pricing range. Moreover, Lamar states that the meds are “as good” as brand-name medicines in the USA.

Amy will also order from again, as well as refer to her friends. She’s quite happy with the “super fast delivery” and “great service” provided by this online pharmacy.

Barbara Williams explains she didn’t have any hassle while “shopping”. For her, Safe Meds 4 All is offering “quality” products at “affordable” prices. She continues to tell us how satisfied she is with the “fast shipping” and amazing customer service.

Although these are some great reviews, I must warn you they are written only in SafeMeds4All official website. There’s a huge chance these reviews are not from real customers and written by the store to draw the customer’s attention. I cannot approve such reviews; thus, I’m considering them as deceptive. Reviews 2017 testimonials continue until this year. Many other consumers write how pleased they are with this e-pharmacy and how highly recommendable the drugstore is.

For example, Ana Pensula writes that SafeMeds4All is a “legitimate international pharmaceutical company” and that her experience with the pharmacy is “extremely positive”. Ana guarantees that the meds catered by SafeMeds4All are “safe” and reliable. In fact, last year Ana wrote how happy she was with the prices and the meds. According to her, she’ll be sending several people in need to SafeMeds4All.

MM Graff from Kansas confesses he’s been using for years and recommends the pharmacy “all the time”. This user mentions this e-shop always have what he needs at “great prices” and “fast shipping”.

Moreover, he considers the store to be responsive and a provider of a “great tracking”. This user believes SafeMeds4all saved his life.

Once again, these reviews are posted on the store’s website. I have no other choice than considering them unreliable and likely manipulated by the store staff.

Richard Carter tells he’s been a customer for about “3 years”, saying SafeMeds4All service and “fast delivery” keeps getting “better and better”.

Without any solid and dependable reviews, I had to assess reputation using other tools. More specifically, scam alert websites such as Scam Adviser. The results are pretty clear: SafeMeds4All might be unsafe.

Scam Adviser detected SafeMeds4All location in Barbados, a high-risk country.

Therefore, this e-pharmacy is dubious and should be handled with caution. Coupon Codes

Of course that I’m always trying to get an extra set of discounts to save more money. Having cheap prices is good but having cheap prices together with discounts is even better. is filled with amazing offers. I’m completely hooked with this pharmacy’s available discounts.

Currently, I’ able to get a 5% discount on every order just by using the coupon code #874543 at checkout. This offer is eligible to all first customers as well.

Secondly, if I’m buying from SafeMeds4All again, the store will provide me with a 10% off at checkout.

In all my next orders, I’m guaranteed to have this discount.

Lastly, SafeMeds4all is giving me free shipping on all my orders.

I don’t have to pay an extra dime to get my meds and I don’t even have to leave my house.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score seems to be the kind of pharmacy that looks good in the paper. It's certainly safer than most pharmacies in the market. However, I'd like to have more concrete proofs. Without any solid customer reviews, I cannot approve SafeMeds4All entirely. I must say, once again, that this pharmacy is approved by some bloggers, but I can never be too careful. The prices are optimal and the discounts are phenomenal. Yet, without any trustworthy statement of a client saying the products are legit, I'm awarding a 3/5 rating.
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