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by Luiz Antonio Martins 2016-07-17

Also known as Pharmacy Express, RxPharmacy-Online24.com is an online pharmacy based in Canada that sells affordable generic and brand name drugs in North America and other parts of the world through their worldwide shipping. There are a number of available products through this site, and all medications are listed under different categories according to the type of medical condition. However, the website specializes in selling sexual health drugs. Other popular categories include allergy, herbal, skin care, weight loss, women’s health and many more. As the online store caters to the needs of their global market, the website is available in seven different languages while prices are available in 10 different currencies.

The online pharmacy sells only FDA-approved medicines and the company is also certified by CPA. Prices are also very competitive if compared to other pharmacies. For example, Viagra is available for only $0.69 per pill while the market price of the same drug is $0.9 to $1.10.

Customers can reach Pharmacy Express’ online support through their email and customer support form. The online pharmacy also has strong presence on multiple social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Customers can pay through their credit cards as the store accepts Visa, American Express and MasterCard. The website also claims to deliver orders within North America in just 3 to 5 days if UPS shipping option is selected. Customers can also track their order through online tracking option.

RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews

Customer feedback for this online pharmacy is limited but all customer feedback is positive with no complaints from customers on any review website or forum. Customers are highly satisfied with the services and products offered by the online pharmacy as there is no complaint about financial loss, late delivery, low quality drugs or unresponsive customer support.

Even though customer feedback is positive, we would like to read some more reviews in coming years as the total amout of feedback available right now is very low. This may be due to the fact that the website is not letting their customers complain about anything.

Scam alert websites also claim that the website is based in North America, making it a legitimate option as most of the scam website mostly operates from Eastern Europe or India. All in all, the customer feedback and online reviews are highly in favor of the website that makes it a reliable and genuine option for the customers. The website is also certified by CPA and is a valid member of Pharmacy Checker that approves online pharmacies.

RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews 2015

In 2015, RxPharmacy-Online24.com received rave reviews from a variety of customers, not only for their low pricing, but for their easy-to-use website.

According to one user by the names of Jamestk, the site wasn’t just easy to navigate, ordering was no hassle either. This user has a customized order and found that the company’s customer-service team was ready and willing to provide him with the help he needed, causing this user to become a highly satisfied customer who plans on being a repeat patron.RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews 2015
In 2015, another user echoed this sentiments, stating that the company always provide high quality services and that their customer service is always right on-point. This patron described the company as “friendly” and “helpful” and received his order very quickly.RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews 2015

With reviews like this, it is easy to see why this company has been in the business for so long, as they repeatedly offer the customer service that today’s patrons expect from reliable organizations.

RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews 2016

In 2016, the online pharmacy one again received rave reviews for its customer service. For one customer, it wasn’t just the quality service and fast shipping that he appreciated it, it was the company’s ability to be discrete when shipping sensitive packages. After ordering ED medication, he was happy that his order arrived promptly and inconspicuous wrapping.RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews 2016
Other users echoed these sentiments as well, with one 2016 customer. He was thrilled with the prompt delivery and the quality of the products. He stated that this online pharmacy was unlike any other he had used in the past; raving about it being simple and to the point. Overall, this was another satisfied customer that plans on recommending the company to others.RxPharmacy-Online24.com Reviews 2016 topix.com

With satisfied customers like this that value the quality of customer service and the company’s ability to live up to their promises, it is easy to see why this company has been such a fixture in the online pharmacy community for so many years.

RxPharmacy-Online24.com Coupon Codes

Even though this online store offers low prices that other online pharmacies but customers can also get some special discounts to save more. Some of the discount offers and special promotions are listed below.

  • Discounted ED Packs. The website offers additional discounts on different ED packs that contain multiple pills. Customers can choose from Super Discount Pack, Classic Discount Pack, Active Discount Pack or the Classic Pack.
  • Special Discounts. The online store offers random drugs at special discount prices frequently for limited period of time. For example, they currently sell a Special Cialis Pack for $93 instead of $138 with 33% discount.
  • Free Shipping. Out of two different shipping options, customers can get free shipping for orders more than $300 for selecting Regular Mail. Similarly, for all orders of more than $400, trackable EMS and Regular Mail shipping options are free.

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For more than 12 years, RxPharmacy-Online24.com, has been one of the most trusted destinations for individuals seeking high-quality, low-price pharmaceuticals. With an easy-to-navigate website and thousands of different medications available through the platform, this is one site that clearly has customers coming back time and time again. Navigating the site is simple, and the generic options paired with the different discount codes, makes many of these products quite affordable. While there is limited customer feedback, there are no complaints anywhere on the internet, ensuring customers that this is a genuine and legitimate option for online shoppers. With all of these aforementioned perks, there is no denying that this established website deserves a 5 out of 5-rating for their low prices, user-friendly design, positive feedback and high-quality offering of generic medications.
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