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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-12-20
Read Summary is an online pharmacy that is currently offline—it is only offline because the store moved to another web address due to a few issues with its former web address. Before moving to its new domain, the site has been up and running for over nine years serving customers with a wide range of generic medications. The medications advertised on the site were made in India and offered at affordable prices. In spite of being manufactured in India, the medications are shipped from the USA.

Most of the medications sold are erectile dysfunction drugs that are reasonably priced. Branded medications such as Cialis and Viagra are sold at a fraction of the price in generic forms. Prices of medications could be as low as $1.22. Most of the medications are available without a prescription although some may require one. The site ships worldwide through two options although most of its customers are based in the USA and Canada. Payment methods accepted include credit cards, Money Gram and Western Union.

This online pharmacy offered several other products other than the impotence treatments. Buyers were able to purchase weight loss medicines, antibiotics, and several common prescription products. Like the impotence meds, the prices for the medicines at Prompt Pill Store were significantly lower than the local drugstore prices for the brand name counterparts of the medicines.

Regarding returns, the buyers were able to process refunds and reshipments in case of damages or delays in shipping. Consumers were only requested to contact the shop so the store’s support team can process the refund or product replacement. Reviews

Website reviews for the store Prompt PillStore were provided by the shop’s customers. It was admirable that the customer comments were written at external sources—the reviews were even from third-party review websites. Here are some of the buyer testimonials for this online store: Testimonials

A customer commented sometime on December 6, 2011, that the site provided good and prompt service. Another customer also agreed on the site’s promptness and even added that it sold real generic brands. Another customer said that he couldn’t agree more on the prompt delivery. He also said that he would definitely use the site again since the pills received were fresh and worked well. The reviewer on October 2011 also gave a 5/5 review for Prompt Pills because she received her order within a week. Reviews

In another online site, the reviews were all positive with most of the customers thoroughly satisfied with the fast shipping of the medications. One customer from Texas said that he received his pills after just a week and was lucky enough to get a coupon code that helped him get a 5% discount on his order. Another customer also said that he was impressed about the time of delivery of the online pharmacy.

All in all, the buyer reception for the store Prompt Pills was excellent, across third-party websites, even. Customers were happy with their order turnout. This online store also did not have negative comments about its service, an indication of excellence on the store’s end. Reviews 2014

Customer reviews for Prompt Pills were still present before it moved to another website. This online pharmacy even garnered present year reviews from happy consumers, who found it fitting to render the store excellent scores for its overall performance. Here are the buyer testimonials for Prompt Pills for the present year before its big move: Reviews 2016

The feedback from a customer written on November 13, 2014, was positive as well. According to the customer, the customer support team was courteous and prompt in letting him know that the shipping was delayed. He further commented that the medications were placed in vipro pharmaceutical blister packs which prompted him to say that they were the real thing.

Another reviewer posted his comment for Prompt Pills and mentioned that he was able to receive his generic Cialis order. According to this buyer, the shop Prompt Pills was highly recommended due to its excellent prices and responsive support team. Because of this outcome, this buyer recommended Prompt Pills to his family and friends. Coupon Codes

Currently, there are no coupon codes offered for the medications sold in The site does assure of selling high-quality medications at the lowest possible prices. Moreover, the site also offers free shipping on orders above $150. However, the buyers can check the new website for Prompt Pills to see if there are any new discount offers for the upcoming holidays and special international/national events.

Editor's Rating

Overall, the online pharmacy remains reliable despite its closed status. The shop remained a reliable store up to the end, and when it finally closed, the shop merely moved to another domain to resolve existing issues with its former web address. Because Prompt Pills performed well through the years, the store merits a rating of 4 out of 5. I recommend visiting its new website for generic drug purchases.
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