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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-28
Read Summary is said to be an Indian based pharmacy that has been working since 2002. A variety of medications is offered at this store including, alcohol, antibiotics, eye care, pain relievers, drug treatments, ED medications and many more. It is claimed by the website that it is among the leading pharmaceutical websites, particularly because it specializes in OTC drugs and generic medications. All the products available at this drug store are said to be FDA approved. This makes is necessary for the clients to have a prescription for making an order. In addition to this, it is also demanded by the pharmacy that the customer must be of 21 years to place an order. The prices of pills at Premium Rx Drugs were found to be moderate as a single pill of Kamagra Gold is being offered at 1.5 US Dollars.

The company offers different options for customers to pay for their drugs including Visa Card, money orders, E-checks and Wire transfer. It is ensured at this website that the security, as well as the privacy of every customer, is maintained and not breached under any circumstances. That is why all the orders are delivered secretly in a very discreet packaging. The company offers a refund and returns policy but says that is valid only if the client contacts the company within 24 hours of receiving his parcel. Cancellation of all the orders can also be processed within 24 hours of placing it and at an expense of 10 US Dollars. Customers can forward their queries about anything to the official website of Premium Rx Drugs or call at +1- 646-681-4901. The comments can also be forwarded through a form available in the ‘Contact Us’ section. A live chat option was also available but was useless as I was not able to initiate it. Reviews

While checking for reviews regarding Premium Rx Drugs, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this drug store has received quite a lot of reviews, that too on independent review websites.

As I checked these reviews, I found one made by Shirelle L Claggett who had given 5 stars to this store and said that she was “so excited” about the drug that she had ordered from Premium Rx Drugs.

She further said that she found this store as “affordable” and finished by saying that she would highly recommend it to others.

Lori was also a happy customer who said that Premium Rx Drugs has “excellent service” to offer.

She also told that her products arrived very fast and she found them to be “accurate”.

Jackie M Wright called this store as a “good” and “reliable company”. He shared that the order placed at this pharmacy was “prompt”. Therefore, he will definitely order from this website again.

There is no doubt that all of the customer reviews are 100 percent reliable. I found the user reviews to be extremely positive which means that PremiumRxDrugs is a good and safe choice for ordering drugs. Reviews 2017

While researching more about Premium Rx Drugs, I came to know that this store has also been able to receive testimonials in 2017. So, I decided to review them to have a better picture of this store in my head.

Donald P McGlauflin has said that Premium Rx Drugs offers products at “excellent prices”. It offers “fast shipping” and there is “no hassles” faced during this job.

Barbie said that the product that she ordered is amazing. She mentioned that the product takes time to arrive but it is “worth the wait”. Barbie also said that Premium Rx Drugs offer medicines at “great prices”.
Lynn H. said that all the products that she ordered from this store were shipped “right”. However, she complained about the fact that her shipment arrived a little late than she had been told.

The customer reviews received by PremiumRxDrugs in 2016 are equally positive and depict this store as an amazing option for buying drugs. Moreover, all of these reviews are present on a famous reviewing website so I have absolutely no trust issues when it comes to their authenticity. Coupon Codes

There is only one way to attain discount on PRemiumRxDrugs and that is by selecting a specific method of payment.

While the store offers multiple ways of making payments, it has specifically mentioned that if a customer chooses to pay via Wire Transfer, E-Check, Money Order or EPayWorx, he will be granted a special discount of up to 10 percent.

The maximum amount of discount that can be availed is 30 US Dollars, however, it is very easy to avail this offer which makes it great.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score has impressed me to a great extent. There was nothing wrong with this website that I could point out. The customer reviews about this pharmacy were numerous and all were extremely positive and 100 percent authentic. The discount offer is only one, but too easy to avail. In short, Premium Rx Drugs has all the qualities that make it a perfects store for buying drugs. I will grant it 5 out of 5 and would direct the customers that they must make this store a preference for buying ED drugs.
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