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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-28
Read Summary is an online store with a store name of Canada Drugs Online. It is not surprising that this store’s domain is not matching its actual store name, and several online shops practice this. I think the non-matching store and domain names make it confusing for buyers to retain the name of the store. advertises a no-need-for-prescription medicine shopping experience and the store features mostly generic name counterparts for well-known medications.

I had trouble finding where this shop operates from, as there was no indication where the office of this shop is located. Pharm Bay’s year of inception was also not disclosed on the shop, so there’s no way of knowing how long this shop has operated. What I know, so far, is that the store,, is an online escrow service and not an actual pharmacy. Online escrow service providers such as Pharm-bay only process client orders and pass them on to the actual ground pharmacies they are affiliated to. According to Pharm Bay, it is linked to a licensed pharmacy somewhere around the world, with legitimate, clinically approved products which are safe to use.

It is quite uncomplicated to use the store and there is no problem searching for the meds I needed on the store. Pharm Bay offered a list of meds organized alphabetically on the left side of the website, but the shop also offered a list of its top sellers on Pharm-bay. These meds are also placed strategically, as the store lists them suggestively for promotion. Pharm Bay’s best sellers encompass Provigil, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Tramadol, Soma, Xanax, Valium, and several other medications. Besides these, offers meds for anxiety, depression, hair loss, heart disease, skin care, viral infections, and other common and peculiar medical conditions.

I am particularly interested in men’s health medications, and luckily, has a separate drug category for this topic. Besides the common, iconic products such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, the store also has Flomax, Eulexin, Levothroid, Uroxatral, Avodart, Casodex, and several Indian-made generic analogs for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. I examined the prices for Viagra 100 mg and discovered that the shop sells them from $1.14 to $2.83 per pill, depending on the product quantity ordered by clients. allows a minimum purchase of 30 pills and charges consumers $85. On the other hand, Cialis 20 mg price is from $1.13 to $2.93 per pill and the minimum purchase amount for the 20 mg is $88 for 30 pills. You can pay for these items using your VISA and MasterCard credit cards, Western Union, MoneyGram, and bank wire transfers.

The starting prices here are not really cheap, and the store asks for $20 for EMS shipping for every transaction. I thought that the shop offers free shipping, but as I read through the shop’s details, I found out that only ships orders for free when the orders exceed 90 pills. Also, Pharm Bay is able to cater to a few countries alone, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand alone.

In the case of order losses, only advises that you contact the shop’s support for your compensation’s resolution. There are no fixed policies for order damages, so the buyers have no tangible claim for lost or damaged orders.

You can reach support by using the live chat option, but since the shop’s support is currently offline, the shop advises that buyers use the email support instead. Reviews

I searched for reviews for Pharm Bay and the store only had on-site comments and none of those external reviews from trustworthy platforms. Here are some of the alleged testimonials published on the store:

According to a client named John (from Wellington), had a wide range of products he could search his meds on and it was on Pharm Bay that he was able to find the erectile dysfunction medication he’s looking for.

Barbara, from Auckland, on the other hand, appreciated the low prices of the products available on Pharm Bay. She said that the drug prices on do not compare with other stores and she had the best prices for the meds she needs on the shop.

Although the buyer testimonials for are all positive, these shop comments are not reliable since they only came from the store’s testimonial section. There is a high possibility that these comments are merely fabricated and are only meant to lure other clients into buying their meds from the store. Reviews 2017

More on-site comments are accessible on Pharm Bay, but sadly, the store did not have web mentions besides these user commendations for the shop.

Buyer testimonials found on the store praise the shop for a job well-done, but since these comments are only available in the shop, you can’t be sure about their authenticity. I find these comments amusing, though, but unreliable. is branded a suspicious store by one online platform, Scam Adviser. According to this domain checking site, Pharm Bay has a score of 49/100 for its trust rating and the store only has an age of 174 days (to date).

This is a new site, which is probably the reason for its lack of reviews and online mentions. Scam Adviser cautions buyers regarding the probable risk of using this online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Pharm Bay has a banner stating that it is offering free shipping for its clients.

However, as I read through the shop’s details, the store only offers free shipping on orders above 90 pills and this advertisement is nothing but misleading.

Other offers are currently unavailable on, so the buyers do not have many saving opportunities when transacting with Pharm Bay.

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The shop façade of is actually quite impressive and encouraging, but as I look at the store in-depth, I was disappointed by its false promise of low prices and free shipping. Although the store offers low individual pill prices for its products, the shop’s minimum is actually 30 pills per order, which makes the final prices for the products quite pricey. Also, the shop’s a new store without any reviews, so it is not trustworthy to begin with. I am rating this shop 2 out of 5.
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