Northern-express Reviews – Low Prices, Wide Range and Excellent Online Reputation

by Charlotte Taylor 2015-02-23

Northern-Express is an online pharmacy that sells wide range of high quality generic drugs. The listed products are available to customers from anywhere from the world. The online store offers high quality generic versions of many popular brand name drugs which allow customers to buy at low price while getting the same results as brand name drugs. All the listed generics are manufactured by reputable and licensed pharmaceutical companies and also verified by FDA.

The website offers ED and sexual health drugs as their featured products but customers can find drugs under 26 different health categories. Other than their impressive range of products, the prices offered by the store are also very competitive and low in most cases. For example, when generic Viagra is offered for $1.1 on retail stores, the website offers it for only $0.89. Customers can also get 100% refund if the order is misplaced or wrong products are delivered. In addition, customers can also get refund if not satisfied with the products if returned within 30 days of shipment.

The online pharmacy allows customers to pay through all credit, debit and prepaid cards for their orders. To provide easy customer access to their support, the website offers 4 different phone contacts out of which 2 are for US based customers, 1 for Europe and another one for UK based customers. The shipping is through registered airmail or Express Shipping. Registered airmail takes 10 to 21 days and charges $9.95. Customers also have an option to track their orders online. Reviews

Customer reviews and online feedback is rare, but all available feedback is favorable. There is not a single complaint from any customers anywhere on the internet which shows that the website is offering consistent and satisfying services and products.

The website is also rated as safe and trustworthy from scam alert websites and online sources that verifies online pharmacies like Legit Script. According to one popular scam alert website, Scamner, the online pharmacy is not reported by Google as unsafe and also uses SSL certificate to provide data protection to users. Reviews

The online pharmacy is based in North America. It is also licensed and certified which makes it a legitimate and trustworthy online source for buying cheap drugs. The Alexa traffic rankings also show that the online pharmacy attracts significant traffic which reflects it popularity. Reviews 2016

Even when customer reviews and online feedback is still rare, but Alexa traffic ranking shows that the website is getting more and more traffic in last couple of years which indicates they are gaining popularity. Once again, there is no negative comment or complaint on anywhere on the internet.

All in all, even when there are not many reviews, the limited feedback shows good online reputation of the website. Most customers are satisfied with their quality and services. One customer claimed that he finds the quality of the generic Viagra as same as the brand name. He also claims that the packaging of his order was very pleasant while order was also delivered in quick time. Others claimed that it is extremely easy to contact their support which is very responsive and friendly.

Based on the excellent online reputation, Northern Express looks like a great online pharmacy for cheaper but high quality generics without any prescription. Coupon Codes

Even when customers can find low quality drugs on the website, there are few more additional deals that can make you save more. Some are listed below.

• ED Discount Packs. Customers can choose from three different versions of ED packs which allows customers to not only save on their ED drugs, but it also allows to try out three different versions of ED drugs.

• Coupon Codes. The website offers frequent discount coupons, some are currently available at MMODM which is a third party coupon website. For example, customers can get 10% discount on their first buy by using coupon code 5A66C686. There are also coupon discounts like 20% discount over $100 order, 5% discount on all orders and few more.

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Northern Express is a well established online pharmacy based in Canada which enjoys a good online reputation. The website is also very attractive, easy to use and modern in design. The prices and rage of drugs offered is also very attractive. Unlike other pharmacies, the website offers refund if customers are not satisfied with their products which make them risk free. The website does not require prescription to order which makes it easier for customers to buy ED and sexual health drugs. The drugs are also approved by FDA which makes them cheaper but of high quality. Due to the listed reasons, the online pharmacy is rated as 5 out of 5 stars pharmacy.
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