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Lidocaine Mechanism of Action – Anesthetic for Reduced Sensation and Improved Performance with Some Side Effects

by Kim Lee 1970-01-01

Lidocaine is more traditionally considered to be an anesthetic, used in surgery and dental procedures to ensure the patient can be treated effectively. For those with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues, Lidocaine can help reduce sensitivity, and improve sexual performance for a more fulfilling relationship. Lidocaine can be applied as a cream, or in spray form as a topic anesthetic, but it should always be handled with care to prevent unintended consequences.

When it comes to premature ejaculation, men often find that reducing the sensitivity of the penis is most effective in prolonging the process. With Lidocaine and its anesthetic properties, it is easy to achieve this effect, helping to increase the enjoyment of the sexual experience while helping boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Whenever using Lidocaine, it is essential that you wash your hands immediately after use, and that you prevent contact with other areas of the body.

The numbing effect of Lidocaine takes hold reasonably quickly, so it is always wise to approach its application with caution. As with any medication, before you decide to start using Lidocaine it is essential that you speak with your doctor, or another medical professional who can approve its safe use in your particular circumstances.

There are some side effects of using Lidocaine, but these largely arise from having a reaction to the medication, or from applying it incorrectly. If you are in doubt, a medical professional is the best person to advise on whether Lidocaine is suitable for your needs, and they can recommend the most effective treatment and dosage for you.

Lidocaine Side Effects

Given that this is a powerful anesthetic, there are certain indications to be aware of if subject to the use of Lidocaine, which may require medical attention if found. Such indications include:

  • Noticing small purple or red spots on skin.
  • Clear redness of skin or flushing.
  • Local swelling in the affected areas.
  • Itching and/or bruising in affected areas.

In the event of a Lidocaine overdose, other symptoms could be visible, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Fainting
  • Fast heart pumping

If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your nurse or doctor as soon as possible to get the appropriate treatment.

If you are a Health Professional, it is advised you keep an eye out for any indication of overdose or adverse reaction in patients, as well as being mindful about the correct dosage to administer.

Lidocaine is not advised for people who suffer hypersensitivity, or other skin conditions which could result in a further reaction.

Lidocaine Reviews

The users mostly agreed upon Lidocaines’ effectiveness as a pain reliever, with it proving helpful against burns, hemorrhoids, sunburn, also it has been useful as anesthetic in surgical procedures and to ease general pain. This effect easily translates to reducing sensitivity for men during sex, and by applying in advance of intercourse, this can have the effect of numbing the relevant areas, reducing sensitivity and increasing the effectiveness of the whole process.

Most Lidocaine users advice to use patches instead of the injected variety, since it is safer and can be applied locally, while they do advise people to dispose of the patches immediately after use, since some of the chemical still remains, which could cause intoxication if a minor is to accidentally chew it or otherwise come into contact with it. In general, keeping Lidocaine out of harm’s way is a good idea, given its strength as an anesthetic and its ability to cause severe numbness – particularly in children, the elderly or the frail.

Let’s take a look at what people have said about Lidocaine.

Lidocaine Reviews

In this particular case, the reviewer gave this product a poor rating, considering he did not experience any effects whatsoever, yet, he indicates a few elements that might indicate the lack of action from the product, those being the fact that his skin was numb and that he got blood taken out, which may be a reason why the product did not work so well.
Lidocaine Reviews

On the plus side, this consumer gave this product a high rating, considering the benefits it brought to her health. In this review it is apparent not only the effectiveness of the product for this consumer with her review indicating that Lidocaine eased her back pain, but also the overall satisfaction at a product that works well.

When it comes to use for reducing erectile sensitivity, Lidocaine is present in a number of different medications and solutions, all with a proven record of helping numb the penis. With limited side effects compared to certain other medications, users are reporting lidocaine to be extremely useful in helping improve the duration and enjoyment of sexual intercourse, without any lasting impact on health or the user.

Buy Lidocaine Online



There are several websites where you can find this product, although it is recommended you consult your doctor before purchase and have him decide whether or not it is necessary or will prove useful for your condition, since it is mandatory to present a prescription to acquire. Depending on the brand name, you can find Lidocaine in a range of different treatment types and medications.

Lidocaine is available in injection form in 5 mg/mL up to 20 mg/mL there are also transdermal 5% patches available, with a size of 10X14cm. Patches contain 700mg of Lidocaine.

How to Use Lidocaine

When it comes to Lidocaine patches, place a single one on clean skin, avoid heat sources and dispose of patch after use. As for the injected solution, the dose should be that indicated by a doctor. For sprays and creams, apply as directed to the relevant areas, taking care not to spread the solution across unaffected areas of skin. Always wash your hands before and after use, even if you feel you haven’t come into direct contact with the Lidocaine itself – this will help prevent unwanted cross-contamination, which can have the effect of numbing other areas of your body. Apply the solution around 30 minutes prior to intercourse for maximum effectiveness.

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Lidocaine is a safe and useful anesthetic for various ailments, and while it is commonly used for surgery or major medical procedures, its home use can help with minor wounds or burns, making it a versatile product, which, if used with caution can be beneficial for users. For those with erectile issues, reducing the sensitivity of the area by effective numbing the penis can help prolong intercourse, and ensure a more satisfactory performance in the bedroom. With less of the side effects of some other medications, and a proven ability to work in helping reduce the overall sensations of the area, we give Lidocaine a 4 out of 5 rating – perfect for those suffering from premature ejaculation and other issues.
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