Leopharmarx.com Review – Probably not a Trustworthy Store—has no Web Mentions

by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-28
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Leopharmarx.com is an online pharmacy/drugshop featuring Rx medications and selling them without prescriptions. As far as I know, selling Rx products without prescriptions online and at local pharmacies are illegal, but since most online shops dispense prescription products without asking for real Rx orders from doctors, other shops also follow suit. Generic products are the main items found on the store and the shop seems to market its Modalert more than others. I went on to check the sections of the store for more concrete information regarding its shop details, but the store only has a lengthy explanation for its goals rather than letting its clients know where it operates from and when its service was incepted.

According to Leo Pharma Rx (Leopharmarx.com), the store offers only World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration accredited products, to ensure the great quality of the products sent to its clients. Leopharmarx.com states that it does not compromise when it comes to product quality, so the buyers are assured of the medications’ effectiveness. Despite the low cost of the products sold on Leopharmarx.com, the store guarantees that its product quality is always the best.

Leo Pharma Rx offers varios products in medical conditions including hair loss, infections, allergies, women’s health, men’s health, smart drugs, weight loss meds, and various others. The most popular meds on the shop include Tramadol, generic Cialis, generic Levitra, generic Viagra, Modafinil, Provigil, and several others. You can buy the products from the shop without prescriptions, and the store declares that in some countries like India and Singapore, it is legal to import prescription medications but only for personal use.

Leopharmarx.com has a few choices for erectile dysfunction treatment products, such as generic versions for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The store offers good prices for its products; for instance, the store offers $37 for 20 pills of generic Viagra 100 mg for new clients, but the store offers a lower price for its old/returning clients ($34). The store offers $44 for 20 pills of generic Levitra 20 mg for new clients, but the shop offers $40 for the same product for its returning clients. On the other hand, generic Cialis is offered by Leo Pharmacy Rx for the same price as generic Levitra for the 20 pieces of the 20 mg product.

Shipping is offered free for clients of Leopharmarx.com with orders more than $100 and the shop also offers a cash-on-delivery service for orders by clients from the United States with a minimum order of $130. As for the acceptable payment methods by the store, Leopharmarx.com is accepting payments for the items using major credit and debit cards, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, International Money Orders, and cashier’s checks. Refunds are offered by the store for products undelivered by the shop, damaged orders, or wrong orders.

Questions are entertained by Leo Pharmacy Rx using its phone support and its ticketing system accessible via its contact page.

Leopharmarx.com Reviews

No available buyer comments are found on forum websites and external review platforms, but Leopharmarx.com has buyer testimonials available on its own store:

Buyers of Leopharmarx.com were generally happy with their purchases from the shop, and the buyer testimonials on the store explicitly stated their pleasure with the store.

According to Ernest Sanchez from Tempe, USA, his ordered pills were effective and were useful for his needs.

Ignacio Christenson from Osterley, Australia stated his love for the store’s product variety.

Not only these two clients expressed their thankfulness for the shop; there were a number of good comments for Leopharmarx.com from its testimonials section. However, although these comments were fun to read, I am doubtful of these comments’ credibility as they were just found on the store and not from more reliable and unbiased sources on the web.

Leopharmarx.com Reviews 2017

Leo Pharma Rx still did not have customer testimonials for its service for the more recent years, but I was able to check the shop’s status using several online platforms instead.

Using Scam Adviser, I was able to determine that the store’s domain has a low trust rating and may not be safe to use.

It is most likely due to the shop’s connections with illegal websites and the store’s present “rogue” pharmacy status.

Leopharmarx.com also had an unpleasant result from Legit Script, as the shop was given a “rogue” label by the assessing platform.

Even if Legit Script did not provide the details, the overall bad rating for the shop speaks for itself—Leopharmarx, according to Legit Script, should be avoided.

Leopharmarx.com Coupon Codes

Leo Pharma Rx offers free regular shipping for its clients with orders more than $100.

On the other hand, buyers with orders of more than $250 are awarded free express shipping by the store.

I tried looking for buyer discounts and coupons on Leopharmarx.com, but I was unable to spot them in the store. Freebie pills are also currently unavailable for the patrons of Leo Pharma Rx. It is such a waste, though, as stores with more coupon codes and discount offers tend to have more clients than shops which are skimpy with their offers.

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Stores with low initial order requirements seem good, like Leopharmarx.com. The store even offered good deals for its shipping—the shop gave free shipping to its clients with orders of more than $100 (regular) and $250 (express). What I did not appreciate about the store is its lack of actual buyer reviews from external sources. Leopharmarx.com did not have mentions on the web other than the ones on its site, so I don’t think this store is credible enough to shop from. My verdict for Leopharmarx.com: 2 out of 5.
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