Kamagrauk.com Review – A Scam Store Running From Russia

by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-25
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KamagraUk.com says to be a trusted supplier of medicines in the UK. The store claims that its medications are highly effective and cheap. Kamagra Uk specializes in medicines that are meant to treat sexual problems faced by men. The drugs available at this site are claimed by the store to treat erectile dysfunction in the safest and the most convenient way possible. The range of products available at KamagraUk includes Kamagra Jelly, Kamagra tablets, Super P-Force Tablets and Soft Pills. These products have been priced at very low rates and all of them are approved by the FDA which makes them reliable and without any side effects. The prices are slightly expensive with one tablet of Kamagra 100 mg costing at 1.6 US Dollars.

Payments can be made via American Express, Visa Card, Maestro, Master Card, and Diners. Nothing is mentioned about the company used by Kamagra Uk in order to deliver the products. It is, however, mentioned that minimum of 3 days is required to deliver the order. Pricing of delivery service is also nowhere to be specified but 2.79 US Dollars are said to be deducted additionally for this purpose. Used, opened or damaged products are not subjected to returns policy. Customers can call at UK support center by dialing 01213186656. Live chat is available but no ticket system was available for it at the moment.

Kamagrauk.com Reviews

KamagraUk.com has received a few reviews from its customers’ side. So, decided to analyze them in order to find out more about this company. Fillipe is a customer who has given 1 star to Kamagra Uk and has mentioned that he order 100 tablets of Kamagra from this web store and did not get them even after 6 months. He called the pharmacy a “thief”. He also asked other clients to “beware” of Kamagra Uk. Mr. J Sim encountered the same problem with his order that was promised to be delivered within 5 to 7 days but did not reach him even after 3 weeks.

He said he tried contacting the company but there was “no response”.

Rex has mentioned in his comment that he was “extremely lucky” that he did not have any issues with his order.

He explained that he got two medications ordered and was “pleased with the price”. He received the orders safely so he gave 4 stars to Kamagra Uk. An anonymous comment was made under the name JP saying that this pharmacy was a “scam” as the customer did not receive his order. He further said that the positive comments received by the pharmacy were made by someone who was working with it.

Kamagrauk.com Reviews 2016

Kamagra Uk has also received plenty of comments from the customers in 2016. These comments were also mixed just like those made in previous years, depicting that the company has not improved its working.

A comment was made in which the customer has mentioned that he used Kamagra Uk “eight times” and found it to be “100% reliable”. There was an “occasional delay in delivery” but he was okay with it. The client also said that he would definitely keep ordering from the store and expressed his surprise upon reading poor reviews about the store.

Petet Critchley said that he has been “ripped off with paid money” and asked the customers not to do business with this store.

A comment made by another client called it a good pharmacy with “fast delivery” with “no stress”. However, he said that the web store was “badly formatted” and had “missing HTML information order details”.

The next customer was also a positive one in which the client has mentioned that he did not receive a confirmation email at first which got him worried, but he received the order on time.

The last comment was made by Jimmy Chong who said that the store “took his money and sent nothing”. Also, he was not able to communicate with the store.

Scamadviser has given a bad rating to Kamagra Uk.

It has been mentioned that the website is located in India as claimed, but it is running from the Russian Federation in actual. A very low trust rating has been given to it because of this reason and the Scamadviser has personally advised the customers to stay away from this suspicious website as it might be risky to get into business with them.

Kamagrauk.com Coupon Codes

I was unable to find any customer reviews regarding Kamagra Uk. This is particularly disappointing keeping in mind the fact that the store has been performing in a very poor manner in all the other aspects. The medicines are expensive and there is no discount offer to compensate them. In short, KamagraUk is not providing me any reason why I should be buying medicines from this store.

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Keeping in mind all the information I have derived for KamagraUk.com, it becomes quite obvious that this pharmacy is not suitable for online shopping. The customer reviews alone are enough to give me chills about using it. The majority of the people have complained how the company has robbed them by taking their money and mot sending back anything. I am forced to give 1 out of 5 to this store because of its extremely poor reputation. I will further advise the clients never to use this store as it is obviously a scam store.
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