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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-25
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Kamagra-Store.com claims to be a leader in delivering drugs to different parts of the world. The goal of this website is to provide customers with different types of drugs at a price much cheaper than that offered in a local market. The company claims that Kamagra Store is managed in a professional way and is an authentic distributor of various types of generic drugs. The store also ensures a high-quality service of drugs to different parts of the globe. Kamagra Store is the best place to shop for cheap drugs hence, saving both time and money of the clients. It pays special attention to keep the equality of the products intact. Most importantly, the pharmacy says that all of its drugs are manufactured by reputable manufacturing companies, therefore, these drugs are absolutely safe to use. Kamagra-Store puts special emphasis on the impeccable shipping of its products and the sustenance of health of its clients. The website meets all the standards of privacy and security which are strictly monitored to prevent the leakage of confidential information provided by the customer. All the drugs are approved by the FDA and do not require a prescription to be bought

KamagraStore repeatedly seems to ensure that it is a pharmacy that the customers can trust and be loyal to. As indicated by the name, the website deals sin drugs related to the Erectile Dysfunction. I checked the price at which this company sells 100 mg of generic Viagra and I found it to be extremely costly, charging 3.91 US Dollars for a single pill. Customers can pay for their orders using Visa Card, American Express, and E-checks. Two methods of shipping are offered which include Airmail and EMS. Airmail Service or USPS takes 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the courier. EMS requires 3 to 8 days for the same purpose. Airmail is charged at 10 US Dollars and EMS at 20 US Dollars. The company can be contacted for demanding for refunds. Customers can call at +1-760-284-3222 or +4420-3286-3820 or can fill a response form.

Kamagra-store.com Reviews

Kamagra-Store has created a special spot on its website in order to entertain customer reviews. One of the customers named Landon from France says that the products were “cheap” at Kamagra-Store as compared to hi local pharmacy.

Caleb from Italy mentioned that he received his order within 6 days and he “highly recommends” this website to other customers.

Tyler from Austria called Kamagra-Store a “great website” and said that it was “safe and secure”. The staff was rendered as “helpful” and the prices were “unbeatable”.

The comments made by customers regarding KamagraStore are quite encouraging. However, I must keep in mind that these reviews are present on the official website only, hence, there is a high likelihood of them being forged by the customer to increase the fame.

Kamagra-store.com Reviews 2016

Reviews for Kamagra-Store.com in the year2016 are explained below.

A customer from Irish France was very happy with the services of this vendor. In his review, he said,” The tablets arrived well within the given time frame. Best regards”.

Samuel from Spain was also contended with the performance of this pharmacy. He said that “It would be nice if there were more companies with customer support team as helpful as yours. Thanks again”. He was very impressed with the quality and the delivery of the products.Jackson from Italy was feeling lucky when his postal box received two emails from this store. Due to the delay in the delivery service, the company sent the same order twice to ensure that Jackson received his products. It is actually strange how the company sent the same order twice without even asking for extra charges!

John posted his comment from Sweden in which he said, “I can tell you that I had a good experience”. He was happy that he was not scammed and got very effective medications.

It must be worth mentioning here that all of these testimonials were taken from the owner’s website and have a high possibility of being rigged. It is a common practice that many manufacturers rig the original comments and showcase them as if the customer was happy with the vendor.

Scamadviser gave a red flag to the website and said the website is not safe to use as it has a high probability of scamming other people.

It elaborated that the website is based in Lithuania, but its real location is Russian Federation which shows that the website is using some kind of software or malware to hide its real location from the people and the authorities.

Kamagra-store.com Coupon Codes

KamagraStore is giving out 10% discount on all the orders above 200$.

This means that any customer who has bought pills that are worth over 200$ will get flat 10% discount, without any hidden conditions.

Also, all the customers who have ordered pills for more than $200 will get free Airmail shipping. Airmail shipping is intended to deliver products within 2-3 weeks.

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Kamagra-Store.com does not seem to be an impressive drug store. The medications offered here are quite expensive and the discount offers are poor. Customer reviews are in abundance but I was only able to find them on the official website. No third party contained these reviews so, their authenticity could not be confirmed. Moreover, Scamadviser also does not seem to be sure of this drug store too. I would hence, give it 1 out of 5. This is not the type of pharmacy that I would recommend customers to buy ED drugs from.
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