Review – Another Untrustworthy and Illegitimate Pharmacy That Doesn’t Disclose its Location

by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-28
Read Summary is an online drugstore that also goes by the name “Canadian Drug Store”. The store has been operating since 2008, but the company doesn’t disclose its location. Health-World claims to be a leader in providing safe and cheap surrogates to most medicines, outsourcing generics directly from India.

I personally don’t enjoy when companies don’t specify their location, it shakes down my trust considerably. Health-World offers 24/7 customer support service to all clients worldwide. The company can be reached by calling +1 8666 503 48 18 if you are in the US or +44 870 490 06 18 for European clients. I called but no one answered. stocks several types of medicines, the same kind as many of its counterparts’ online stores. The meds are divided into categories according to the medical condition they treat. Customers can choose between sexual health-related drugs, antibiotics, anti-allergic, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, asthma, blood pressure, anti-depressants, diabetes, HIV, heartburn, thyroid, osteoporosis, etc. I like when online stores are cleared about their main products and pricing. Health-World displays the starting price of its erectile dysfunction meds on the main page. Moreover, the prices set by Health-World are quite compelling and competitive. Generic Viagra can be obtained from $0.80/pill, while generic Levitra costs only $1.73 per tablet. Brand Viagra can be purchased at a cost of $8.89 per tablet and generic Cialis for $1.02/pc. The store is also selling ED trial packs at a starting cost of $3.39.

The pharmacy accepts 3 different payment methods: credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), E-checks, and wired bank transfer. guarantees a full disclosure and privacy of my information as the store is using a state-of-the-art billing system which ensures the safety of my data.

I have the chance to choose which type of shipping method I prefer. International Unregistered Mail is the cheapest alternative, costing only $10 and delivers my goodies within 14-21 business days. For faster deliveries, is capable of shipping my meds via express courier service, ensuring a delivery within 7-9 working days. This method costs $50 per order.

If I’m not satisfied with my package or the quality of my medicines, I can contact to ask for a full refund. The store is capable of either re-ship my meds or refunds me entirely. Reviews

Online pharmacies are always trying to lure clients into their stores, applying several strategies (some completely unethical) to trick clients into spending money with them. As you can imagine, customers will only spend money in reputable drugstores, thus pharmacies often create fake reviews to draw their attention. This sort of inadmissible behavior is also found on as the pharmacy possesses client feedbacks attached to its official page.

Rachel says the store knows “how to win clients” due to its high-quality products.

Fabio describes the store as cheap since he can get meds “without spending a fortune”.

Health-World is offering products at the “most competitive pricing” according to Tiffany.

Kathy is always surprised by the store, thinking of starting a fan club on Facebook.

Again, these reviews are copied from other clone websites. A store that is capable of stealing reviews from other pharmacies is despicable and only demonstrates how dishonest they can be. Health-World will not see a single dollar from me! Reviews 2017

I discovered that has been threat listed before by Scam Adviser.

This pharmacy, most likely to be operating from the Czech Republic, has a very low trust score and consumers are advised to proceed with caution.
Legit Script feels the same as it labeled Health-World as a rogue pharmacy. They concluded this pharmacy is not genuine and is likely illegal.

To be honest, Health-World has all main ingredients to be considered a scam pharmacy. I recommend keeping your distance. After these results, there is no chance I will fall into Health-World’s traps. I will use a pharmacy with a much better credibility than Health World. Coupon Codes

The pharmacy is still focusing on giving clients some discounts to save money on orders. I found that, currently, is offering the following:

– Free Delivery: The online pharmacy provides free shipping on every order. Clients can order without having to worry about an extra fee for shipping.
– Free ED Sample pills: In any order, clients are entitled to receive some bonus free pills.

Health-World is not issuing any coupon codes or other discounts at the moment.

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I will cut down to the chase and I'm giving a rating of 1 out of 5. The pharmacy is unworthy of my recommendation and I strongly advise anyone thinking of buying here to reconsider. Health-World is likely to be a scam and should be listed as a possible threat once again. The pharmacy is guilty of replicating reviews from other online pharmacies. Drugstores capable of such heinous work demonstrate a clear lack of reliability, legitimacy, and professionalism. Legit Scrip suggests exactly the same by listing Health-World as a rogue, blacklisted online pharmacy. There is a high chance that Health-World is operating illegally and is trying to take advantage of poor consumers like yourself. Many other pharmacies are capable of dispensing the same meds advertised by Health-World at affordable rates. Consumers should use such stores instead of Health-World. I have almost absolutely certain I'd get ripped off if I tried to use
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