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by Charlotte Taylor 2015-02-22
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Greatrxshop is much more than just a simple drug store. It is an online platform that connects cheapest generic and brand name drugs from the renowned pharmaceuticals and drug manufacturers to the buyers. It provides a platform for safe financial transaction and worry free shipment of drugs to anywhere in the world and acts as an escrow service. The website offers both brand name and generic drugs to the patients without any requirement of prescription. Customers can find products under wide range of health categories which include ADHD, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Skin Care & Dermatology, Hair Loss Treatment, Men’s Health and many more.

All the generics listed on their website are also manufactured at licensed and reputable pharmaceuticals. The website also offers products that are approved by FDA. The prices offered at their store are also very low. For example, generic Viagra is available for only $0.75 which is much less than the average retail price that ranges from $0.9 to $1.1. Similarly, Cialis is offered for only $1.23 which is also less than average retail price. The products are also available for free shipping that further reduces the cost.

Customer service of Great RX Shop is available through phone contact and email 24/7. Shipping options include EMS, Airmail and United States postal service but free shipping is offered through airmail shipping only. Payment options include Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. Reviews

Customer reviews and online feedback is favorable for the Greatrxshop. It is rated among the best online pharmacies on some of the pharmacy review websites.

For example, at Online Pharmacy Review, the website is ranked 7th best online pharmacy based on customer feedback, reviews and rating out of 13184 pharmacies which is a remarkable achievement. Reviews

Customers are also very happy and satisfied with their services and good quality products. Most customers are happy with their prices that they find as the most affordable on the internet. One customer, Jack claimed that Great RX Shop makes it possible for him to afford his medication.

Other than the positive reviews and great feedback, the website is also rated high for trustworthiness by scam alert websites like scam adviser. Online pharmacy verification sources like Legit Script, which is an NABP approved source, also rate it as a verified pharmacy. Reviews
Customers are also from different countries, which show that the website is equally popular across North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. All in all, there is nothing negative on the internet about Great RX Shop which makes it a good option for buying cheap medication. Reviews 2016

The feedback in 2016 not only remained positive but the number of online reviews also increased sharply. Alexa traffic ranking also reflects that the website is getting more and more traffic in last one year which indicates that Greatrxshop is getting popular and its customer base is expanding. Reviews 2016
According to a recent review, posted by a customer just two weeks ago, Great RX Shop is the best place to buy high quality generic drugs. He claimed that the drugs he ordered were very effective, low prices and delivered within 12 days. Reviews 2016
Another customer claimed that their customer support was very responsive and helped him during the order process. He also praised their prices and quality.

All in all, the website looks like a quality option for buyers who are looking for affordable but quality generics. Coupon Codes

Even though, the prices offered by Great RX Shop are already very low and almost rock bottom, the online store also offers plenty of more discount options to customers to help them save more. Some of their tops deals are listed below.

• ED Trail Packs. Customers can choose from three different ED trial packs offered at special discount prices. This makes it possible for customers to not only try out different versions of ED drugs but also save money.

• Free Shipping. Great RX Shop offers free shipping through air mail delivery for all orders irrespective of the price of the order.

• Coupon Codes. Customers can also find coupon codes on many third part coupon websites. Even though, there is no live one for now but customers can check back later.

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The website of the online pharmacy is very attractive and modern. The website is also very useful. It is also reviewed as a best online pharmacy in the world. Great RX Shop is also ranked 7th best online pharmacy out of more than 13 thousand pharmacies by Online Pharmacy Review. The prices and range of the products is also very impressive. All in all, the website is rated as 5 out of 5 stars pharmacy due to its good online reputation.
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