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by Jocalyn Clark 2016-10-27

GenericDoctor is an online drugstore that offers pills for erectile dysfunction in men, diabetes, depressive disorders, cardiovascular illnesses, bacterial infections and a lot more. The company offers high quality generic drugs that are obtained from reputable international drug manufacturers. To ensure that it supplies only genuine generic medicines of the highest quality, GenericDoctor partners only with drug companies that are registered with the Food and Drug Administration in their country of origin. While its products can be bought at lower prices compared to name brands, all its medicines are guaranteed to be effective and safe.

GenericDoctor claims to be one of the most trustworthy sources of pills for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation on the internet. Given the large number of fraudulent online sites that sell fake men’s pills, the company offers itself as the wiser choice for ED patients to get the most effective drugs at the lowest cost. All orders made online are reviewed by licensed doctors who can administer a prescription for the customer at no extra cost. However, the company tells customers to make sure that proper consultation has been made with their doctor before making the order. This is to make sure that the drugs they have ordered are the ones they really need.

GenericDoctor adheres to the FDA regulation that disallows buyers to return the drugs that have already been received. The company provides many options for payment, including credit cards, eCheck, direct debit and wire transfer. As soon as orders have been approved, the company ships the products anywhere in the world either via express mail service or standard mail service. Next day delivery is currently not offered by the company. GenericDoctor Customer Service is available online. Customers can choose between the live support option or call its toll free number for any concerns regarding shipping and delivery. Reviews

GenericDoctor has received numerous positive comments from very satisfied customers and only a few complaints from customers regarding undelivered orders.

On the Pharmacy Review website, five star comments were given by a number of customers, including Mike Jonesten who said that the price of Finpecia (drug for hair loss) that he bought on GenericDoctor for $0.95 is the best cost he had found on the internet. Reviews
He says “I recommended this site to all my friends and to anyone who is looking for best medicine.” Gavin Hattoh is also happy that he received his package without any problems and also gave the site five stars. Trevor B similarly describes himself as a very happy customer after receiving his in plain packaging and exactly as it was described.However, one customer named Greg G complained that he was not able to get his package and that customer service has not communicated with him even after sending many emails. He also labeled the site as scammer and observed that most of the positive reviews have the same writing style and are most probably written by the same person. Reviews

In another pharmacy review site, another negative feedback was posted by a customer from the United Kingdom. He says “This site is one of the most scammed places around. Please never ever part with your details with these people…” He warned that a particular guy named Dan has ripped off people with their money and warned customers to stay away from the site.

On the other hand, other customers have given excellent reviews for GenericDoctor, with one named Djan from the US saying that he was able to buy the generic Accutane – isotretinoin from this drugstore at a lower price. Another customer thinks GenericDoctor is providing impressive service to customers because of its good pricing and fast delivery. He said “I received by order in 5 days and splendid product. Excellent all around.” Reviews 2014

Very recent reviews for GenericDoctor are generally excellent, with perfect scores in product quality, ease of website use, price, customer service and speed of delivery given by satisfied customers. Reviews

On November 27, 2014, one customer noted the improvements in product packaging and speed of delivery. He says “Better pills now, have dates printed. Better too it just took 7 or 8 days from order to receive, instead of 4 weeks last year.”

Another customer gave GenericDoctor very high marks in a review dated November 9, 2014. He says that he found the product and service to be exactly as advertised and reviewed. He ordered Tadalafil and it was exactly as he expected and that the drug is extremely effective. The customer gave GenericDoctor a “strongly positive recommendation.» Reviews 2016

In 2016, once again saw a number of positive reviews, and seems to have worked out some of their glitches with past negative reviews. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from trusted review sites such as, it is easy to see that many customers turn to this online pharmacy for all of the medications they need.

For example, a user by the name of Niecey, logged on to to express her satisfaction with the site, stating that she was happy with the service and the quality and would order again from the site in the Reviews 2016
As for the customer service of this company, MsFinn expressed, through just how happy she was by the dedicated service of the customer care Reviews 2016
In Doug L.’s TrustPilot review, it was all about quality products and easy to use features that will keep him coming back to the Reviews 2016
Customer David Trebel also used TrustPilot to express his satisfaction with the company as a repeat customer in his review Reviews 2016

With so many satisfied customers leaving positive remarks, it is easy to see why GenericDoctor has become one of the biggest sources for online pharmaceuticals on the web. Coupon Codes

GenericDoctor is currently offering great deals and promotional discounts, including a bonus system for its loyal customers.
Customers who make repeated orders can avail of 10% additional bonus pills.
GenericDoctor is also still offering free shipping for purchases worth over $150.
Season of fall – Falling of prices Autumn – 15% off!
Specific men’s pills for erectile dysfunction such as Super P-Force and Kamagra Jelly can also be bought at discounted prices.

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Overall Score
GenericDoctor is a great source of high quality generic medicines with very good reviews from customers. While there are some negative feedback, coming from disappointed buyers, these are offset by the excellent marks from valid reviews of legitimate customers. The overall score that were given by many online pharmacy review sites for GenericDoctor is similarly fair to excellent. Its interactive and user-friendly website also validates the company’s mission to provide customers with the best online source of cheaper generic drugs. While some of the feedback from negative customers seems to have happened years ago, in 2016, GenericDoctor managed to address their minimal customer complaints and receive outstanding marks from a variety of customers. Thanks to their vast improvements and commitment to quality, we are giving GenericDoctor 5 out of 5 stars.
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  1. Avatar
    annette matza
    May 7, 2015 at 8:17 am — Reply

    I had such a bad experience with them.
    I ordered “Tadalafil Professional tablets, valid for 24 months”. The order was placed at the beginning of January, they called me immediately, talked to me very politely and friendly and off course, my credit card was charged immediately, but after that, I did not received any e-mail or shipping details for more than a month. I called them a few times (from Europe) but every time got the same reply – be patient, the parcel will arrive soon.
    When I finally received the parcel at mid-February, I noticed that I was cheated, I got wrong tablets, which were produced DEC 2012, (more than 2 years ago), and expired date MAY 2015 (in their website it is clearly mentioned – valid for 24 months).
    I contacted them by e-mail, but no reply, I called them, they ask me to send photos of the tablets as a proof, and they will decide what can be done. I called them more than 20 times from abroad, I asked them for refund, but they would not refund my credit card, I agreed to give them a chance to send me the correct tablets, with validity as promised, but did not get clear answers.
    Now, 4 months after charging me, my conclusion is that the only purpose of the company behind the website genericdoctor, is to cheat and still money for innocent people, and send them tablets that would have been thrown into the trash.
    During my many telephone conversations with their representatives I heard so many excuses, too many stupid replies, making me feel as a fool that can be manipulated easily, till I will give up, and compromise with the loss of payment.
    I hope they will loss also, many potentially customers

  2. Avatar
    December 25, 2015 at 4:43 pm — Reply

    I have never had a problem here great customer service,great products, fast shipment what else can I say.Thanks Rob

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