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by Luiz Antonio Martins 2017-12-20
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Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com, that offers a broad range of medications, seems to be a highly viable option to purchase generic medications online. Customers can choose to purchase birth control, anti-depressants, lifestyle drugs and more. Famous medications such as Viagra and Cialis are available on the site as well as the generic counterparts of these drugs. This store, though, is now closed—the shop was shut down after years of service, despite the good reception this online pharmacy had from its buyers.

The site offers to ship worldwide through its shipping facilities all over the globe. It accepts several forms of payment for the convenience of customers. These payment methods include all major credit cards, Money Gram and Western Union. Two shipment options are also available which include courier service that would take up to 9 days to ship and standard international airmail which can take up to 21 days to arrive. Both options normally require a shipping fee. Purchases above $150 are free to ship though.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com provides live support 24/7 to its customers in order to better serve them. A US toll-free number is also available. Usually, patients are no longer required to secure prescriptions to purchase prescription medications. There are a few medications which would still require a medication though. It is best to check the site first for the list of medications which require prescriptions.

Since the Easy to Use Pharmacy is now closed, buyers should now look for other alternatives to this store, as the shop has not issued a formal notice regarding its return or merger with other websites.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Reviews

Reviews were present of this online pharmacy, unlike other websites without any customer comments available from its consumers. Buyers were all happy with the outcome of their orders from Easy to Use Pharmacy, and their existing testimonials for this online store indicated that the shop was not only easy to use, but also hassle-free to transact with.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Customers Report

One customer, John shared that the online pharmacy was the cheapest pharmacy that he could find that ships internationally and accepts credit cards. Another customer named Andy commented that she has ordered from the site and had no complaints whatsoever with all her purchases. Yukio, another customer, thanked the site for a quick delivery since she got her medications in a week or less.

Other reviews available also had similar sentiments, indicating that the site is indeed reliable and trustworthy. Although now closed, we can say that this online store, Easy to Use Pharmacy, offered excellent service to its patrons during its operational period, hence the good reports for its service.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Reviews 2016

More recent reviews for the store Easy to Use Pharmacy were still present until the year of its closure. This online pharmacy, according to the buyers, was able to ship out the correct orders in a timely manner. Albeit there were mentions of delays, shipping delays are not entirely any web store’s fault—courier delays are sometimes the culprit. Overall, the more present reviews for this online shop were still positive and still uplifted the Easy to Use Pharmacy reputation despite its offline status.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Only one coupon on Easy to Use Pharmacy was available for customers. The available coupon code is a 10% off on the total purchase. Apart from this offer, no other coupon codes are available online.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Coupon Code

Despite the lack of other offers, I still find the store Easy to Use Pharmacy commendable since other online pharmacies could not care less about giving the buyers coupon codes to enjoy. In fact, Easy to Use Pharmacy was one of the handful online stores with actual buyer coupons to share—most online stores do not offer voucher or coupon codes to their buyers. This online coupon may have helped Easy to Use Pharmacy’s past customers.

Editor's Rating

Overall, easy-to-use-pharmacy.com seems to be offering similar products as other online pharmacies at reasonable costs. A broad range of medications is listed on the site which can cater to a number of audiences. Easy to Use Pharmacy had good prices for its products—the shop offered cut-rate deals and even gave its buyers coupons to help them maximize their savings further. Reviews were also accessible for this site—customers, overall, were happy with their order outcome on this platform. In spite of the closed status, this online pharmacy deserves to be rated 4 out of 5 for its former excellence.
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