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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-09-26
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Today I bring you Drugstore1st.com, an online pharmacy capable of selling erectile dysfunction meds and other medication related to management of premature ejaculation for over 6 years.

The pharmacy has pretty clean and neat site where users can easily browse the three medical categories where the meds are inserted on: erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and premature ejaculation. Drugstore1st ships without any extra costs to most countries worldwide. Due to customs restrictions, the pharmacy does not ship to Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Korea or South Africa

Despite not mentioning where it is from, Drugstore1st clarifies the pharmacy is based outside the US but has people working both in Europe and the US.

I believe most meds are shipped from India, given their amazingly low price. Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) pills can cost between $0.83-$4.00 (100 mg) each, generic Cialis between $1.08-$4.55 (20 mg), and generic Levitra can be obtained between $1.99-$5.00 per piece (20 mg). The store guarantees these pills are approved by World Health Organisation (WHO) and not by FDA. The medicines are manufactured by India’s most reliable pharmaceuticals: Cipla. Ajanta Pharma, Sunrise Remedies, and Aurochem Laboratories. If the pills won’t work on me, Drugstore1st.com can give me my money back.

The meds can be purchased using credit cards and no prescription is required. All orders are delivered via express delivery freely, expected to arrive in less than 14 business days. If a country does not support trackable fast shipping, then Drugstore1st will send the packages by regular delivery (14-21 business days).

The pharmacy can be contacted via e-mail or by calling its toll-free phone: 1-800-490-0365.

Drugstore1st.com Reviews

There a few reviews inscribed in PharmaciesReviews.com, an independent platform that gives voice to consumers.

The ones I gathered were written in 2011 and 2012 but are very positive.

One customer ordered generic Viagra and was very satisfied with the purchase and Drugstore1st.com service. This customer is “very pleased” since everything arrived “as promised”, sharing the store’s efficiency in communicating the dispatching order and tracking number of the package sent from Mumbai.

Consumer known as Skyface wrote one year later his opinion about Drugstore 1st. This client states he’s been ordering from this site and has nothing to complain. Skyface referred to the product’s efficiency as “excellent”, the shipping as “good”, and the store as “very professional”.

The client continues to describe one particular experience where Drugstore1st corrected the order after communicating a mismatched packaged.

Despite old, these reviews are very positive. More importantly, the reviews are considered reliable and realistic, as they came from actual customers. I’m startled to find such optimistic reviews, but these are definitely some points favoring of the pharmacy.

Drugstore1st.com Reviews 2017

Having positive and reliable reviews from previous customers are crucial for a pharmacy to be considered as reputable and legit. Nevertheless, to evaluate a store’s credibility properly, I need to not only rely on its reviews but as well as on the results provided by scam analyzers. Here’s what I discovered after testing how secure Drugstore1st.com is:

The pharmacy has an incredibly low reputation among scam analyzing websites. In fact, Scam Adviser considers Drigstore1st to be hazardous mainly because of its high-risk location.

Drugstore1st is operating from Ukraine, this is not a safe pharmacy to use. Moreover, the site is infected with malware, as is typical in many other scams.
Legit Script proposes the same as Scam Analyzer: Drugstore1st is a rogue internet pharmacy and consumers are not recommended to order anything from here.

I have now to weight between positive and realistic reviews and a poor reputation among scam analyzers. Perhaps it’s better to be safe than sorry and choose a much wiser medicine distributor.

Drugstore1st.com Coupon Codes

Don’t get me wrong, I do like a pharmacy that is offering cheap and affordable prices, but I can’t stop looking for other ways to save money. A good pharmacy not only has low prices but other benefits as well. That way, the e-shop guarantees a bigger audience and attracts more clients.

I was pleased to see Drugstore1st.com is offering a few benefits for consumers, particularly the free shipping for every order.

When I’m buying something online, I don’t appreciate having to pay a high amount for shipping, thus this is a very interesting discount.

Besides, the pharmacy rewards those who are purchasing for a second time by giving returning customers a 10% off on all reorders.

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Drugstore1st.com design is quite simple and clean and I have a deep understanding of the pharmacy's assortment just by looking at it. This pharmacy based outside the US (apparently in Ukraine) is offering quite good deals on erectile dysfunction meds. The generic medication is shipped mainly from India, according to a customer, but its few reviews are very pleasant. Based on previous customers' opinion, the meds distributed by Drugstore1st are effective and real. Moreover, the pharmacy is capable of offering amazing discounts for returning customers and ships the meds at zero extra costs. Besides this all, I can't ignore the low credibility given by scam analysts, even labeling Drugstore1st as a rogue internet pharmacy. Since I don't have to pay for my shipping, a small order would not do any harm, but I must be cautioned either way. There's a chance of being disappointed with the pharmacy. Based on all of this, I'm giving Drugstore1st.com a 3 out of 5 stars.
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