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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
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Dr-uk.com is an online store where both branded and generic drugs are featured on display. My full eye stares at a warm, welcoming post at the periphery which assures me of an excellent service, VIP inclusive entitled to all its clients. The store sorts drugs according to the disorders they treat, where the latter is alphabetical. Illnesses catered in the assortment include but not limited to, allergies, blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction

Just like anyone else, safety is my number one caution. I dash to the FAQ. Sure to my instincts, I get to know that all generics sold are FDA approved. Given the green light to explore the price tags on my conventional curative, I’m impressed to see that a 10mg tablet Generic Cialis sells for € 1.97 each per 10 pills pack. As usual, a branded version of the same is slightly higher as it demands € 5.15 each per 12 tablets pack. A generic 25mg tablet per 10 tablets pack of Viagra which is my second favorite is selling at € 1.80. The other common drugs that I tend to see are; Priligy, Lasix, and Sildenafil citrate jelly. I also take note of the 20% saving benefit that accompanies bulk buying, all credit to a post at the bottom of the page. It verifies Standard credit cards such as Visa and Master Cards and assures me of security.

My review takes me to Our Policy where I’m enlightened on its shipping policy. I grasp a few tips on the two shipping methods one being the track applicant courier taking a maximum of 14 days with an average of (5-9) days following a shipment. The other option is the standard airmail that takes a maximum of 30 days without an option of being tracked with an average of (14-21) days. I go through the refund policy where it guarantees of a cash refund or reshipment choice free of charge in case of faulty or and wrong packages.

The condition at play is to inform the 24/7 support team once the guaranteed delivery time has expired or within 24 hours after ordering to make a cancellation. So far, no shipping charges have been mentioned yet, faced with a spectrum of channels to the support service, I opt for the live chart as opposed to the contact form and the use of the phone number in provision.

I ask a trio of questions sequentially, one being the location of the shop and the other two being the shipping charges (per various countries as they operate globally) and the latter concerning its opening year. Faster than the lightning speed (hyperbolic right?) I get hold of my feedback.

C:\Users\dianakariuki\Desktop\Prompt live support.png

Well, the Greece‘ based’ pharmacy in Cyprus has been in business for a decade. The shipping charges are $30 for the EMS tracking convenient service whereas the standard airmail goes for $10. I sense some reliability as it is no minor task to stay afloat for that long, how about I a stroll to the commentaries?

Dr-uk.com Reviews

It dawns on me Dr-uk.com has no reviews. I explore other sites in hopes of finding some. The website archive fails to provide more info. As a staunch believer in reviews in rating the credibility of online stores, I succumb to scam adviser in an attempt to unearth the odds. I find it impossible to believe that no positive or negative comment is available.

Dr-uk.com Reviews 2017

The scam adviser contradicts the answer given to me regarding the location of the shop as the site is believed to be in Netherlands but might also be in China. The site is unpopular with seldom visits notwithstanding a mark of 27% way below average. The dismal performance contradicts the ten years of service it claims to offer.

I take my legitimate survey to LegitScript platforms optimistic in getting a positive report. My thinking is that the pharmacy has had a distinguished record; till recently where it started experiencing some losses due to a decreased number of clients. I’m afraid to see that it has succeeded in occupying a space in the blacklisted pharmacies.

According to the report, Dr-uk.com pharmacy has bent some legal and ethical rules, thus failing to conduct itself in the expected code of conduct. To mention just but a few; It has been issuing drugs without the doctor’s transcription; again it has no record of reviews. It fails to communicate clearly on its’ location(s) and has no links either do it has indications stating their commitment to pharmacy regulatory bodies across the globe not even to WHO. I grimace my face in annoyance as I, enlist the online shop as Untrustworthy and unsafe for clients.

Dr-uk.com Coupon Codes

I scavenge on Dr-Uk site to see the available avenues with a promise of sparing a few Euros. The harsh economic times and an expensive medical condition cannot allow me to be extravagant. I proceed with the discount expedition, looking forward to spending the little amount there is in catering for my medical requirements.

Uncommon to others, Dr-Uk store does not have coupon codes but in exchange to free shipping for purchases exceeding € 138.76 via a standard airmail.

There I not only save on the shipping fee of $ 10 but also, on the price of each drug I prefer to buy. I am also promised a 10% discount for the subsequent purchases made.

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Dr-Uk.com pharmacy offers a prompt live chart, which is commendable, however, is an unsafe site to buy drugs. It is accused of exploiting clients through the provision of contradicting information, for my case false location. It has also failed to pass the integrity test according to scam check while it presents a blank review sheet to the LegitScript. My unbiased rating for the store is 1 out of 5 stars.
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