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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
Read Summary is unlike any other online store, as it claims to be the top “Bitcoin Pharmacy”. The store is unique because it caters to buyers using cryptocurrencies when paying for their orders. Coin Rx, though, is still an online pharmacy with archetypical products advertised on its domain. Like the usual web pharmacies, the store does not also disclose where it operates from, so I have no clue where this shop’s conducting its operations, although the “.is” on the domain indicates that the website is operating from Iceland.

Mostly generic products are sold by Coin Rx, and the shop lists several ailment categories it caters to, such as men’s health, antibiotics, skin care, pain relief, mental health, sleeping aids, weight loss, and several other products. The featured items on the shop include generic Cialis, generic Provigil, generic Nuvigil, and generic Androgel. The shop is unique in a sense because it lists the product prices in cryptocurrencies and allows the buyers to view prices in Bitcoin, mBTC, DASH, LTC, DOGE, and PPC. The store, though, constantly updates its prices, depending on the cryptocurrency exchange rate and depending on the current cryptocurrency status in the stock market.

You can purchase meds on even without providing the prescriptions for the items, but the shop suggests the need for patients to go and have face-to-face consultations with their doctors for the best results.

Erectile dysfunction meds are also popular on, and the shop offers several drug choices for patients suffering from male impotence symptoms. As for the prices, Coin Rx sells its 8-pill pack of generic Viagra 100 mg for $42.61 or 0.0177 BTC, while sells its 8-pill pack of generic Cialis 20 mg for as low as $42.87 or 0.0178 BTC. Buyers can only avail of these products if they pay using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash/Darkcoin, and Peercoin, and Coin Rx does not accept any form of payment other than the ones stated. Buyers should not worry about shipping, though, as Coin Rx offers “free shipping forever” for all its items. Regular Airmail and EMS shipping are free, but EMS shipping is available in select countries only. Also, there are countries where the shop does not ship to, such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Germany, Denmark, India, Finland, Mexico, Netherlands, Canada, Israel, Russia, Pakistan, and New Zealand. It is ironic, though, that does not ship to India while it actually sources its products from its ground pharmacy partners in India and in Singapore.

Coin Rx only guarantees deliveries to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. In the case of order delays and other concerns, the buyers are only advised to contact support to resolve the concerns.

Buyers can reach Coin Rx’s support team via live chat whenever available, or also by using the integrated email function on the store. During my visit, though, no customer reps were available to respond to my inquiries. Reviews

Of course, I searched for buyer comments for the shop from various web sources. I found mentions for the store from a few web platforms, and I found one comment from

The user “Airdawg316” related his shopping experience on; according to him, he saw Coin Rx advertised on the same review platform, and because of the good review, he was encouraged to order from the store.

He paid for his order and waited for the shop to send his tracking details. Two weeks later, he still had no update from the store—the shop did not reply to his emails and the user’s now positive he’s been scammed.

One good review, on the other hand, existed for on The user rated the shop 3.5 out of 5 and stated that Coin Rx is a helpful shop which offered a “fast and nice” service. Reviews 2017

A 2016-dated review for gave the shop good remarks for its service.

Markson, who posted his review for Coin Rx on rated the online pharmacy with 4 out of 5 stars:

According to the buyer, the shop had good prices and an extensive product range. He also stated that had a fast delivery service, and he was also able to get a 10% rebate from the store. Although this is a good comment for the store, no other reviews backed up this good rating for

Using Scam Adviser, I was able to identify a low trust score for The result of Scam Adviser’s analysis for a zero out of 100 score, as the store was identified to have a “ROGUE” status and links to problematic websites. Malware reports were also detected for

On the other hand, Coin Rx was identified to have a domain age of 4 years and was indeed traced in Iceland. Coupon Codes

Though no coupon codes or discount vouchers exist for, the shop offers free shipping indefinitely for its clients.

However, Coin Rx excludes shipping to several countries such as Canada, India, several European countries, Australia, and others.

Besides the free shipping, the shop gives a 10% rebate on all orders in form of store credit. The shop automatically awards the 10% store credit rebate to consumers ordering from the store. Also, the shop states that its store credits never expire, so buyers can use them indefinitely.

Editor's Rating

Overall Score is a unique online pharmacy which takes payments in only cryptocurrencies. The shop’s products are averagely priced and the shop also offers free shipping, which can help buyers maximize their savings. However, the shop had one complaint about its service from one forum website. According to the consumer, Coin Rx never shipped his order. Despite the other good comments for, I am still rating the store 2 out of 5 because this negative feedback for the shop’s service can’t be ignored.
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