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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
Read Summary has a long but ambiguous name, as when you try searching the shop on internet search engines, you’ll be welcomed with a mélange of results completely unrelated to this online drugstore. asserts that it offers the “cheapest” prices for the products and it also proudly states that it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its consumers.

Only generic products are accessible on this online drugstore, and according to Cheap Online Generic Drugs, all of the products showcased by the store are approved by the Indian FDA. The Indian FDA approval of the meds on the shop insinuates that its generic stocks come from India-based pharmaceutical companies. does not restrict the buyers in purchasing the meds despite their lack of prescriptions, so the buyers can order Rx medications on the store even without sending their Rx orders from their respective physicians.

Meds accessible on Cheap Online Generic Drugs include products for female enhancement, cholesterol, general health, gums, sleeping aids, weight loss, asthma, and other common and uncommon medical conditions. Of all these products on, the shop markets its Propecia, Rogaine, Viagra Jelly, Provigrax, and several other products more than all the others.

Erectile dysfunction medications are also prominent in the shop, just like in the other online pharmacies, so I went on to see if the impotence meds prices on this store are cheaper than the other online pharmacies. Per pill of the generic Viagra 100 mg is from $0.84 to $2.36, but the store sells the product for a minimum of 10 pills per order ($23.6). On the other hand, per pill of the generic Cialis 20 mg is from $3.79 to $5.02, but the shop sells the product for a minimum of 10 pills as well, at $50.27. Consumers can have these meds even without prescriptions, as the no-Rx policy is one of the perks of buyers on Cheap Online Generic Drugs.

Buyers interested in ordering products from need to know that the store only accepts major credit cards for payment, such as cards like VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, JCB, and Diners Club. Shipping costs $14.95 for the regular method, while the express shipping is charged by the store $29.95 on each order.

Buyers are entitled to 100% refunds when they received wrong orders, but they are re-sent the orders if they did not receive the meds in 15-21 business days. Reviews

Online pharmacies gain their credibility mostly from reviews. In the case of this online drugstore,, the shop does not have external comments from its past buyers from reliable online platforms such as review websites and forum sites.

Cheap Online Generic Drugs, on the other hand, only has on-site buyer reviews posted on its domain, but the shop’s comments are dated only 2017. We can deduce from this that is probably a new site, thus the recent reviews for its service. However, despite the good testimonials available for this shop from on-site comments, we can’t trust on-site comments just yet due to their volatile and untrustworthy nature. Reviews 2017

It is great that has buyer feedbacks for its service in 2017, but only on site. Buyers such as Sarah, Wasim, Jenny, and Yvonne rated the shop with 4 to 5 out of 5 stars and they appreciated the service rendered them by the online drugstore.

Wasim rated the store with 5 stars due to its reliability when it comes to the pills’ performance, and also because of the cheap product prices, and the secure ordering experience.

Sarah, on the other hand, related how she was a regular of the store for a few months now, and that the shop continues to impress with the service it renders the buyer.

Yvonne, another client, thanked the store for its freebie pills sent accompanying her purchase.

Although these testimonials were all current (from May 2017), since they only came from the shop’s own testimonials section, these messages are difficult to verify and authenticate.

In order to know more about Cheap Online Generic Drugs objectively, I used Scam Adviser to check if there are discrepancies in the shop’s domain, and also to help me discover the actual domain age of the store.

According to Scam Adviser, the store is a rogue online store with links to nefariously operating websites in high-risk countries. The shop’s age is nearly 5 years and it is traced in Russia (owner country) and the Netherlands (website location). As for its overall score, was only given 0 out of 100. Coupon Codes

You can save at least $15 on the store if your orders exceed $100—the store offers free regular or airmail shipping for buyers with orders more than a hundred dollars. On the other hand, express shipping is free for orders exceeding $200.

If you want free pills, you have to order at least 180 pills or spend more than $150 in the shop.

Also, the store offers a coupon code during checkout:

You only have to enter the code 98212 during checkout to avail of an additional 5% discount from Cheap Online Generic Drugs.

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The store is similar to other online pharmacies with an extensive product range and cheap prices. Should the store had reliable reviews from third-party review websites or forum sites, I would have given the shop a high score. However, did not have web mentions for its service and remains to be an untrustworthy website with no external reviews. I am rating tentatively 2 out of 5, and when I find reliable reviews for, I will gladly elevate my score for this shop.
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