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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
Read Summary is an internet pharmacy that offers low-cost generic medicines. The pharmacy sells a wide variety of products for different categories. This includes drugs for erectile dysfunction, ant-acidity, anti-allergy/asthma, anti-depressant, anti-diabetic, anti-fungus, anti-herpes, antibiotics, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering agents, pain relievers, sleeping aids, weight loss pills, smoking cessation aids, antiviral, birth control pills, and party pills. They did not mention the exact location or country of the manufacturers and the regulatory health licenses that they have acquired for the business. The prices are cheap and affordable. Sildenafil, the active ingredient found on Viagra, is a popular drug prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The drug could be purchased for as low as $1.17 USD per pill. The price is considerably low compared to its innovator brand Viagra which is being manufactured by Pfizer. Canadian Pharmacy did not mention if a doctor’s prescription is required before purchasing medicines. However, I strongly suggest consulting a licensed physician before embarking on a new medication plan. The right approach is necessary to avoid problems that may arise especially when the patient is already taking other medications or have an underlying disease or medical condition.

Canadian Select currently accepts all credit cards as the mode of payment. This includes VISA, MasterCard, and JCB. Two shipping methods are utilized by the pharmacy. This includes Express Mail Service or EMS and through Registered Air Mail. Express Mail Service costs $29.95 USD and delivery time is within 7-10 days. On the other hand, Registered Air Mail costs $14.95 USD and the package usually arrives within 12-2- days.

If the customer wishes to return the package due to damages or defects, he/she will be given 30 days to return the product and contact the customer service to give a heads up on the return and refund process. The product must be in its original packaging to qualify for a refund. It would be subjected to inspection by the Quality Control Team and subject for approval within 5 business days.

If you wish to contact any customer service representative about issues or suggestions, you may leave an e-mail on their website or call their toll-free hotline at +1-888-854-6528. Reviews

There were no customer reviews found on the drugstore’s website and even from similar websites. We were trying to get testimonials from previous buyers to know check the quality of the products and services provided by the pharmacy, but there was nothing found. Customer feedbacks are good indicators of the online reputation of a certain business establishment. It contributes to the success of gaining new customers because we rely heavily on the experiences shared by previous buyers. Reviews 2017

Since there were no customer feedbacks from the seller’s and other independent websites found for Canadian Select, we have consulted data from and to check the safety and reliability of the website they are using. Results were not in favor of the online vendor. has classified Canadian Select as a Rogue Pharmacy. It means that the online vendor violated guidelines in pharmacy pertaining to the rational dispensing and use of drugs using the internet.

The pharmacy was not able to comply with the verification standards set by LegitScript for it to be classified as a safe distributor or online seller of medicines. gave a low trust rating for Canadian Select and does not recommend buying or browsing the website.

The domain has been running for 6 years and 345 days. Owner country was hidden but the website location is from Germany. I find it a bit confusing because Canadian Select, from the name itself, must be based in Canada. Apparently, the traffic of the website comes from Germany. Many scammers hide their real identity or location and using an anonymous service is very suspicious. Customers must verify the business address of the pharmacy before engaging in any business with them. The pharmacy has also been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy and a malware has been reported on the website. Thus, we do not recommend sharing your personal details on the website such as credit card details. If the website was found to be unsafe for use, it may compromise all the data that you are sharing on the internet. Buyers must be extra cautious especially dealing with an unverified online vendor with a bad reputation like this. Coupon Codes

Apart from the low cost of generic alternatives offered by Canadian Select, they are also offering discounts and special promotions to gain new customers and keep the regular buyers on their business.

If you buy large quantities from the store, you will get bigger discounts. If you buy 120 pills of Viagra 100 mg tablet, you will be given a bonus of 10 more pills plus FREE Registered Airmail shipping.

This is a very good deal especially that Viagra is a very popular drug prescribed by doctors to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Moreover, if you purchase the same drug at a larger quantity up to 270 pills, the shipping would be upgraded to FREE Express Courier with no additional charges. It would be a very persuasive discount because it will cut a chunk off the medication expenses of the client. If you buy more, you will save more from Canadian Select.

Editor's Rating is an internet based seller of low cost and affordable generic and branded medicines. The pharmacy mainly focuses on distributing generic medicines at a very cheap price. There is a wide selection of the drug from the website's catalog that may be viewed by the client. The selection is broad and covers most of the drug categories. I am giving Canadian Select 1 out of 5 stars rating due to the inadequate information found about the pharmacy. I did not see any information about their accreditation or licensing from regulatory and health authorities to validate the quality of their products. Moreover, there were no customer reviews available from previous buyers and the pharmacy was a Rogue Pharmacy. Please be cautious when dealing with unverified websites like Canadian Select and they might be potential scammers that hide their real identity.
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