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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
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Less than a year in the online pharmacy business and is now claiming that they are the leader in providing and delivering cheap medicines worldwide. According to their website, they can provide high-quality generic drugs to customers, anywhere in the world.

A quick search about showed that they started operating in December of 2016. This company banks on their high-quality medicines, believing that it is the main foundation of a successful company. All medicines sold by are from licensed pharmacists. They also dispense and sell their medicines even without a prescription.

Among the hundreds of medicines that they offer, ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis are among the most popular. They have branded and generic Viagra pills available. For branded Viagra pills (Pfizer), a pill costs $3.32 while a generic Viagra pill costs $0.32. Their Viagra pills among others are available in packages of 10. Their pricing is indeed attractive and FDA approved according to their FAQ page.

Refilling a prescription online is indeed easy with as they accept Credit Card payments using Visa, AmEx as well as electronic check. A buyer’s credit card gets charged once the ‘complete your order’ button is pressed and regardless if the order is a success or not, the customer making a purchase will receive an email regarding the transaction.

Once the order is confirmed, buyers can choose between the two shipping methods that offers. The availability of these shipping methods depends on buyer’s location though. The first method is through Airmail or USPS delivery which is available for US customers only. With this method, an order can be delivered within 2-3 weeks for a price of $12. The second option which is available to most customers worldwide is EMS Courier Delivery that can take up to 3-8 business days. advises their customers though that this can take longer depending on the customer’s location. The price of EMS courier delivery varies from country to country. doesn’t have information as to where their drugs came from hence I decided to try to call them. Upon checking, they have two contact numbers that customers can call, +1-760-284-3222 for US customers and +4420-3286-3820 for EU customers.

They also have a contact us form which is more accessible for me hence I tried that one.

Upon waiting for few hours with no response, I decided to move on and further check the authenticity of this online pharmacy. honors refund. In their website, they encourage customers who received damaged or incomplete packages to contact them. Customers can either opt to have their order reshipped or their payment refunded. Reviews

I am still unconvinced about Canadian-mds because they are pretty new in the business hence I looked for some of the reviews or testimonials they have.

Jonathan from France states how happy he was after receiving his order in time. It shows that even if he is in France, the order arrived in a timely manner.

Christian, who is also from France admired the fantastic customer service he received while Denis Powell from Deutschland provided a review written in his native dialect. A quick ‘google translation’ of his review says that he was so happy with the shopping experience he had with Canadian-mds. As for Liam from Ireland, he was happy with the cheaper medicines he ordered from Canadian-mds (as compared to his local pharmacies).

Most, if not all of the testimonials and reviews for Canadian-mds are positive and most of the reviewers are from different countries. It could have been believable however they don’t even have images or specific information about the drugs they bought from Canadian-mds. Other review sites for online pharmacies have the same testimonials for Canadian-mds hence I have doubts if these reviews were real or not. Reviews 2017

As I continue to check the legitimacy of, I also came across with these testimonials.

Benjamin is sharing how happy he and his girlfriend is with the effectiveness of the pill he bought while St. Patricks thanked Canadian-mds for their good customer service.

Samuel from Spain has been appreciative of the support he received so far and was hoping for more online pharmacies with such level of support just like what Canadian-mds has provided him. Hmmm, looks like Canadian-mds is marketing their great customer service.

But where is Canadian-mds situated? A review from shows that this site has a very low trust rating. It is located in Netherlands and might be operating from China hence the drugs could have been produced in China! Coupon Codes

Their current promotion states that customers can get free Viagra pills after making a purchase.
The same goes for the free shipping coupon code which is applicable only if customer purchases at least $200 worth of products.

These promotions are all available on the site’s main page.

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I don’t have any bias towards because it is a pretty new. I just don’t trust this store at the moment. Their website doesn’t offer much information regarding the medicines they sell such as where it is from and if these are indeed FDA approved (they just said it is without much proof). In addition, the testimonials they have are all positive, praising the store for their great customer service, effective medicine, and on-time delivery service. As a customer who’s been used to online buying, I have not encountered a single store or product that doesn’t have negative reviews, heightening my hesitation about the legitimacy of as a reliable online pharmacy. I rate Canadian-mds 1 out of 5 for these reasons.
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