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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
Read Summary is located in Canada even as the name suggests. As it is with most online pharmacies, the store deals with sales of generic drugs though it also has the brand drugs. Many people are likely to purchase generic drugs because they are affordable. The company sells its drugs worldwide and not limited to Canada only. The drugs sold do not require prescriptions from the doctors. From their website, I was not able to tell since when they have been in operation but I believe it is not a new company.

Canada Pharmacy Med Online sells drugs to deal with various health issues. The categories include cardiovascular, Blood Pressure, Sleeping Aid, Party Pills, Weight Loss, Erectile Dysfunction and much more. ED and Sexual Health drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Accutane, Propecia, etc. are their featured products and bestseller. The store does not require you to have a prescription from the doctors for you to purchase medicine from them; however, I would advise any buyer to consult their health specialist first before making any purchase. Prescriptions are very important, especially for ED drugs.

Prices offered by the online pharmacy are highly affordable and very pocket-friendly. For example, one can get Viagra (generic) at a low price of $0.89 per pill. Cialis also goes at $1.53 per pill. The other common ED drug Levitra goes at $1.81 per pill. As you can see, the prices are much lower in comparison to retail prices.

Canada Pharmacy MedOnline drugs are manufactured and shipped from India. The Indian FDA has therefore done approval of their drugs. Approval by the FDA confirms that their drugs have been tested and safe for use. However, it still does not make sense why FDA would approve the company to sell some drugs that require RX without prescription. All that information they have indicated on the FAQ page of their website. The company allows credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Amex and JCB as their payment options.

Are you concerned about shipping? The online pharmacy store ships their products worldwide. They do their shipping using Airmail and EMS (Express Mail Service). EMS takes 8 – 10 days for delivery while Airmail delivery will take 10 – 21 days for clients who have tracking id’s and 21 -28 days for those with no tracking id. If finance were not a challenge for you, then EMS would be the best alternative for you in comparison to AirMail since it takes a shorter duration to receive your delivery. The online store has not indicated their shipping prices on their site; it means you will have to contact their support team for details.

Most online buyers are very sensitive when it comes to refund policy. Canada Pharmacy MedOnline has a refund policy that deals with missing package, delayed package and wrong package delivered. The pharmacy will resend at no cost all packages that are lost, or for any wrong delivery made at no cost to the buyer. For damaged products, you need to enquire with them about their policy since they have not indicated it on their website. Apart from the refund, the online store offers insurance for those who would want their delivery to be insured in case of any damage. Reviews

I was not able to find any reviews on Canada Pharmacy Med Online website or anywhere else. The store has no review posted ever since it was established. Sad of all is that they lack favorable reviews even on other independent sites. Lack of customer’s reviews makes it a no attractive option for buyers; it, therefore, implies no customer has yet tried their products, or they are a rogue company.

Lack of testimonials on Canada Pharmacy Med Online makes the company suspicious. It is important for the company to allow buyers review the service offered by the store. Such reviews help other buyers with no transaction experience with the store make decisions. It also helps the store to improve their services, after listening to views from their clients. Reviews 2017

I decided to do more investigation of Canada Pharmacy Med Online website by visiting other web advisory sites. It is important to check reviews done by independent sites to help you make choices before you make any transaction with an online store.

According to, the company is most likely from China and therefore labels it as a site involving the high-risk country.

I would, therefore, advise buyers to be very careful making any transactions with them.

According to another scam website, the pharmacy has a bad reputation and is labeled as a rogue company.

Being labeled rogue means that is difficult to determine the authenticity of their products and the services they offer.

The website, therefore, is a big risk for any online buyer. As an online buyer, you need therefore to be careful before making any transactions with them. Coupon Codes

Apart from their lucrative low prices, Canada Pharmacy Med Online has special deals and attractive coupons.

They offer free Viagra pills for purchases made.

The company also does free shipping for orders, though I could not tell how much you have to purchase for to be eligible for the free shipping.

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Overall Score store has a large number and various categories of medications that do not require a prescription before you purchase. The online store also has great discounts that can convince any online buyer. Even so, the website cannot be trusted, neither can their products and services be trusted. Ever since it began, it has no customer reviews and has been labeled as a rogue website. Personally, I would not buy from them, and I, therefore, give them a rating of 1 out of 5.
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