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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
Read Summary is an assembly of several online pharmacies licensed and verified by The store does not own any meds or any of its affiliated companies as it’s only a network of legal pharmacies.

This network doesn’t disclose where it is located but is operating since 2008. The meds dispensed by CaliMeds network of pharmacies are dedicated to providing only the highest-quality products. CaliMeds intends to become a place where patients can find an affordable alternative to buy their meds. People who are not insured or don’t have the financial means to acquire medicine in normal and local pharmacies can resort to to access to some health services at more considerable rates.

One thing that annoyed me severely is the fact that when I click somewhere, a pop-up window leading me to a medical coupon website appears. Only patients over 21 years and living in the US are allowed to order here.

As this site guarantees up to 85% savings on my meds, I had to verify how much erectile dysfunction meds cost. affiliated pharmacies are capable of distributing both generics and branded medications. A box of 8 tablets of Pfizer’s Viagra costs $87.89, and the generic version can be obtained by $57.47. Generic Cialis can be obtained by $35 for 4 tablets of 20mg, and the brand name version costs $67.16. is offering various meds, including drugs to treat cancer, Parkinson’s, blood disorders. asthma, cholesterol, among others.

I wasn’t able to find any other important information. The shipping cost depends on the affiliated pharmacy that will dispense the meds. However, offers free shipping on most orders above $75. As for refunds and returns policy, nothing is disclosed as well.

The only way to contact Calimeds is to fulfill their contact form on the website. Reviews looks a miscellaneous store and, honestly, I have my concerns about it. In order to feel confident enough to purchase something here, I must look into former clients’ testimonials. If Calimeds comprises positive reviews, I can be completely tranquil when buying my meds here.

Sorrowfully, I wasn’t capable of gathering any reviews from positive and reliable sources. The very few testimonials I did find are integrated on Calimeds official website. Therefore, I must continue to be critical since these reviews could have been written by the store itself as an attempt to increase their sales.

M. Foret is a customer from Sacramento that says has “better prices and service” than its competition. M. Cruz from San Diego also stated that Calimeds service is “worth every penny”.

From Fountain Valley, J. Phillips shared that his family has been saving “over $200 monthly”. J. Miller simply appreciates the pharmacy’s “great service” and “great savings”.

I did a more intensive google search and I discovered one very worrying post. One client posted a very troubling testimonial on, where she reported a scam. This client accused to the proper authorities and is expecting justice to be served. The client also explains how Calimeds scammed her as she never received her meds nor the store answers her calls or e-mails. Perhaps my guts were right all along regarding this store. Reviews 2017

After seeing such contrastive reviews, I realized that I most use other means and tools to ascertain reputation and credibility more accurately. Before I buy something from any e-commerce site, I do an immediate search on scam alert websites. These tools evaluate a store’s trustworthiness by checking several security traits.

I was very surprised to see that is considered to be a very solid and safe pharmacy by Scam Adviser.

Despite having very few visitors, Calimeds scored a 92% trust rate, much more than what I’m used to seeing on other online stores. To be honest, I saw more known pharmacies with abundant independent testimonials scoring less than Calimeds.

To double check the results, I checked how well would perform under analysis.

Once again, the results are quite distinct: Scamner recommends consumers to stay away from this pharmacy, giving only 4% trustworthiness rate.

This unpopular website seems to have more downsides than advantages. I don’t want to play with my health nor my money, thus I think I will step away from this store. Coupon Codes

When I was scrolling this website, I discovered is offering some discounts to clients who use their services. The site guarantees that only works with 100% legal and licensed pharmacies, verified by More importantly, Calimeds claims to provide more affordable options that can save up 85% on any drugs. As an actual discount, Calimeds is offering free shipping on most orders above $75. The store talks about other exclusive money saving perks but doesn’t disclose them.

While I appreciate such discounts, I appreciate even more being clear and upfront about them.

Saying “exclusive discounts” without specifying them is almost as good as nothing.

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Overall Score claims to be a network of licensed and approved pharmacies capable of distributing both branded name and generic medicines. This site aims to reliably help patients who cannot afford the expensive meds sold at local drugstores to find cheaper and solid alternatives. I didn't like the looks of this site at all and I don't think I'd ever use it. Firstly, doesn't have any trustworthy reviews that can testify this is not a scam. Moreover, I did find a very disturbing report from a client who described Calimeds as a fraudulent and dishonest site. This particular customer complained about being ripped off by as she never got her meds. Despite Scam Adviser's positive results, I do not feel compelled about this store at all. I don't quite trust these networks of pharmacies, simply because I like to know where I'm buying my products from. I'm awarding a 2 out 5 rating.
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