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by Jocalyn Clark 2017-10-01
Read Summary is an online platform that allows the customers to buy local steroids of finest quality required for the professional bodybuilding. BodyPharma is actually an anabolic shop that deals in branded steroids which are known at an international level for its great efficacy. The company deals in 100 percent legal steroids that are fetched from international pharmaceutical brands such as Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Labs, Dragon Pharma and more. These steroids are shipped to different countries of the world including Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, European Union, New Zealand and Korea.

Customers have an option to pay via credit cards but the company requires writing a ticket to them for this purpose. Shipping is performed from different shipping points located in different European countries and no specific service is mentioned that performs this service. The shipping fee is 28 USD and for finding out the specific time period for receiving the shipment, the customer needs to log in. Customer support center is poor and comprises of a contact form that can be filled and sent to the company. Reviews has posted a lot of responses from its supposed customers on its official website. So, it became crucial to check these comments to see if they are authentic or copied from other websites.

The website, in general, was praised for being “easy to navigate”. A full rating was given to the design of the website and it was said to be a pleasure to perceive. The ordering process was also given a full fledge rating depicting that it was easy and convenient. It was said in the suggestions section that the customer ordered for the first time online from BodyPharma and the website “made it easy”.

The customer review had five stars to the “effectiveness” of this store and said that the attitude of its customer support was positive and good.

In the suggestions section, the customer called the customer support of Body Pharma as “good” and said that it “gets back through email quickly”.

Another customer also gave full ratings to the layout of the website and its simplicity to navigate.

In the suggestions, it was mentioned that Body Pharma is a “great source” of buying drugs and that the customer would definitely be “ordering more” in the future.

As per the customer support service, the customer rated all the aspects with 5 stars and said the communication with this company was “spot on”. He mentioned that he had to face “an issue” regarding the payment which he specifically mentioned to be on his end but the company replied promptly and helped him “resolve it”.

As per the ratings given by the customers to different services offered at Body Pharma, it becomes clear that the store is quite good. However, these rating charts are only present on the official website which implies that there is no assurance of these comments being authentic and given by actual customers. Hence, I would not completely trust them. Reviews 2016

A few reviews were also found that were given by the customers who had tried out BodyPharma in the most recent years. I decided to check these reviews one by one to have a more clear perspective about the drug store.

The first customer had given a full rating to the layout of the website, its design and ease of ordering. The customer mentioned that Body Pharma is a “great source” and its products “worked” for them. The communication and the shipping services were regarded as “quick and smooth”.

The customer support center was also given a full rating and was termed as “smooth, quick and simple”.

The last review was made by an annoyed customer who gave 4 stars to the simplicity of navigation and design of the website and only one star to ordering.

The customer further explained that he paid for his order “ten days ago” and still has “no news” regarding the confirmation or progress of his order. He also gave one star to the attitude and effectiveness of customer support and said that he sent “a lot of tickets” to the company but got “no answers”.

After analyzing these reviews, I can say that Body Pharma is not a website to trust blindly as it has been given a negative review in the most recent past. It still stands as a suspicious pharmacy according to my knowledge and I would not recommend it until I get more confirmation. Coupon Codes

Because I got no confirmation regarding the authenticity of from the customer reviews, I decided that I should check the discount section. This was essential to check if BodyPharma offers any compensation to its customers in the form of discounts for covering up all the deficiencies it has regarding reliability. To my dismay, I was not able to find any such offer. It has always been utterly disappointing for me to find out about pharmacies that have no regard for their customers, therefore, do not offer any discounts. Moreover, it is not particularly helpful for those who want to buy their drugs at discounted offers. So, I would say that Body Pharma has disappointed me in all aspects so far.

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To conclude, I will say that is an unauthentic and unregulated website that is operating without any particular proof of authentication. Also, I was able to find an extremely negative customer review regarding this store that said that the store takes no pain in informing the customers about the statuses of their orders. No discounts are offered here as well, hence I will give it 1 out of 5 stars and would call it inappropriate for buying ED drugs.
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