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by Luiz Antonio Martins 2017-10-01
Read Summary looks quite familiar—I have seen a lot of online pharmacies sporting the same template, indicating that Approved Online Meds is probably another affiliate marketing website. Web affiliates are common, as large pharmacy network owners create mirror or affiliate sites to increase their sales. Affiliate stores such as aim to gather traffic and direct them to the main store. I saw several affiliations for—the shop is allegedly a member of MIPA, CIPA Rx, CPA, and Health Pricer, which alludes to the store being located in Canada.

Unlike the other online pharmacies, did not state its date of inception, so we can’t know how long this site is up and running. The shop also failed to indicate where it sources its products; however, judging by the generic nature of the products on Approved Online Meds, the drugs sold by the store are probably from the world’s largest generic drug producer, India. As stated on its information, products are all certified by the FDA, but there is no indication if the meds are approved by the Indian or the US FDA. Regarding products, I saw the typical products for diabetes, erectile dysfunction, heart disease, pain relief, blood pressure, and several other medical products for various health uses.

The most popular items on, though, are meds such as Tadapox, Zithromax, Accutane, Synthroid, Clomid, and mostly generic male impotence products. Although the store has a lot of medicines to offer, its erectile dysfunction meds category has the greatest number of product choices available—the shop offers a long list of brand and generic choices for impotence treatment for males. As for the prices, sells generic Viagra for as low as $0.36 per pill, generic Cialis for as low as $0.76 per pill, and generic Levitra for as low as $1.2 per pill. Brand options for these products are also available, and the prices for them are also relatively cheaper than the local pharmacy prices for the same products.

Payments accepted at are E-checks, VISA, and AMEX credit payments. Shipping is charged $10 for airmail (takes up to 3 weeks) and $20 for EMS courier delivery (takes up to 8 business days). Although EMS is faster, it is unavailable in certain countries. In case your orders do not arrive during the set period, you are requested to contact the store’s support team— does not have a fixed claim for buyers with lost and damaged orders. Reviews

External reviews for online pharmacies are important, as they help new buyers to decide whether to buy from a store or not. There were no external feedbacks for, and the shop only had on-site testimonials posted on its domain instead.

As usual, the buyer comments on Approved Online Meds are positive and are all praising the store’s performance, but since is an affiliate store, its comments are similar with other identical sites with the same shop templates, which renders all the reviews untrue for

It is highly unlikely that the same consumers posted their same comments from one website to another, so these comments are unreal. Reviews 2017

More of these copied comments are available on Approved Online Meds, and as you can see, more praises are offered to by clients who never mention the domain name on their comments.

It is also notable that the reviews do not have dates when they were posted and they do not offer links to the consumer profiles of the buyers who allegedly posted on

Also, these comments recur in various other web pharmacies, so we’re really positive these comments are not entirely true.

Using Legit Script, one of the online platforms useful for giving insight for domains without buyer reviews, I was able to discover the status of

According to the result of Approved Online Meds, the shop is a rogue store which did not measure up to the verified internet pharmacy standards used by Legit Script. It is also notable that the rogue rating is the lowest score Legit Script can offer any online store. Coupon Codes

If you are interested in offers, you can also find some deals on Approved Online Meds. Although the store does not give out coupon codes or vouchers, the store ships out free pills along with every order shipped out by the store. is also offering free shipping for the buyers with order amounts exceeding the $200 mark.

This free shipping is just via the Airmail option, so if you don’t want the non-traceable option, you can just pay extra for the EMS/Express and traceable shipping method offered by the store.

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Approvedonlinemeds’ template is the same as the other templates of internet pharmacies I’ve recently visited. The store has the archetypal generic products and also has reasonable offers for its meds, and Approved Online Meds also offers a minimum order amount which can make buying on the shop a bit more convenient. However, since this online pharmacy has no external reviews and only copied ones, I am recommending against the use of this store for your medical needs. My rating for is 1 out of 5; however, if you have experience ordering from this store, please do share in the comments section.
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