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by danila 2020-10-04

Rxleaks.net is dedicated to making the most relevant, useful, and accurate information about generic meds and online pharmacies accessible to everyone. We aim to ensure that you are not buying meds from scammers or using pills that can harm your health. 

Buying drugs online comes with one major benefit – you get to spend a minimal amount of money on your health products. However, this benefit is only enjoyed by those who use the right pharmacies. 

We came up with the idea of establishing Rxleaks.net when we determined that the World-Wide-Web does not carry information that can help online shoppers avoid scammers. With our team of experienced pharmacists vetting and reviewing thousands of online pharmacies every month, we can create detailed reviews that help our readers stay away from scammers. 

One mistake we have noticed while conducting our research is that most people tend to judge online drugstores based on their looks. With scam drugstores hiding behind impressive websites, cheap prices, and, sometimes, functional customer support departments, discovering safe pharmacies is not easy. 

Our team orders from different pharmacies just to determine how effective they are when it comes to delivery and payment processing. We want to ensure that you are always ordering your drugs from drugstores that honor their refund policies, guarantee maximum privacy protection, and take care of their mistakes through workable money-back guarantees. 

For people who are new to generic drugs, it is easy to get fooled by flashy names and nice-looking packages. Our team of medical experts goes beyond the package to test the contents of the drugs for effectiveness. 

Our medication reviews carry information on the effectiveness of different generic drugs, their side effects, the health issues they treat, and how to use them. With our professionally-reviewed articles, you can avoid spending money on unsafe drugs or using pills that don’t carry enough amount of the active ingredient to facilitate healing.

Experts of RXLeaks

Jocalyn ClarkJocalyn Clark

Jocalyn Clark is a Public Health Scientist and one of four Executive Editors at The Lancet, where she leads the Commentary Section and coordinates peer review. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto.


Nogueira MartinsLuiz Antonio Nogueira Martins

Luiz Antonio is a Professor of Medicine at the Federal University Of São Paulo.